Ladders….Not The Good Kind

I have continued to pick up my Weekender and knit a few rounds at least a couple times the past week. This is good knitting for movie night with the husband because I only have to pay attention to two spots and they have stitch markers. I am now just beyond four inches done for the body. But once again that little knitter in the back of my brain was jumping up and down trying to get me to notice something…

I am getting pretty significant ladders on the other side of my slip stitch detail. Like I can see my fingers through them when I pull at the work. I am pretty sure this has something to do with my tension and I am working the slipped stitch.

Now the really big question is….how much does this bother me? You can’t really see it when the knit just hangs. But I feel like I could adjust my technique and correct for this. Am I really ready to rip back four inches of sweater body? I think I need to sleep on this one…


8 thoughts on “Ladders….Not The Good Kind

  1. I agree with whip1up. It’s similar to when you cable and sometimes you get a little lose bit before the Cable itself – it never/hardly ever notices when the garment is finished.

  2. I am inclined to agree with Cricket on this one. Put it down for a short bit and revisit. If it is still really bugging you, go back. Either way, it will be a beautiful sweater.

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