Knitting Nest

We have this microwave/TV cart that we have been carting around since our first apartment in 2007. I think this was even handed down from my Aunt back then who used it for many years before I got it. It has been a bedside table, microwave holder, toy storage and book storage. But during a recent shuffle of the upstairs of our home…it found itself empty.

Very quickly and organically it filled up with knitting. I didn’t even plan it on purpose. It lives behind the couch out the way of sticky little kid fingers. And in the evening I can pull it out and put beside the recliner in our living room. Then put it away when I’m done. It has all the essentials: wine, ear buds for podcasts, snacks and three WIPs.

I have my Weekender in the purple sheep bag, the Arya shawl in the gold polka dot bag, and the long languishing Party Top in the dark brown polka dot bag. My hubby has dubbed this my “Knitting Nest” and I kinda like it! It’s my knitting spot…only mobile!

Do you have a knitting spot?


14 thoughts on “Knitting Nest

  1. Yes, I literally have a beautiful ~8’x8′ nook off our game room with a love seat opposite shelves and wooden boxes that hold my yarn, many already “packaged” in clear zippered bags with the planned pattern. There’s a small tv and an echo dot for listening to music or podcasts .

  2. Sounds ideal. I have a wicker hamper that stores my WIPs next to my chair and a wee side table that has an Ikea set of drawers on with my scissors, stitchmarkers etc. Unfortunately the table isn’t big enough to slide the basket under so basically I take up the corner of the living room 😂

  3. I have piles of WIPS that are out of control – currently sitting in my lounge with 2 bags and a box beside me with 2 projects mid knit! (I won’t mention the spare room in my house which is full of stash and chaos!)

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