Cleaning and Packing

Coming off the Zen of a full week off from my day job, I decided to toss all my woolens and get them ready for summer storage. Which resulted in this hug messy pile…

With a little help from Jellybean we sorted all these into baby knits, hats, shawls, blankets and “other”. All items were inspected for any wear/tear or critter damage. If they passed muster than we put them into vacuum bags and sealed shut.

All these happy woolens are now safely tucked into my cedar chest or cedar scented drawers. This was not the most fun job but I feel really accomplished after it is done, lol.

Happy Knitting!!


One of my greatest skills is something I call “procrasti-cleaning” aka cleaning or organizing something in my life so as to avoid work or a task I really don’t want to do.

This week’s target? My home office. I had been collecting boxes and files just on the floor under my counter and it was annoying. So a few dollars at online Wal-Mart and some pictorial assembly instructions I have a five cube shelf. I have just enough space for my bags to the side and all the junk from the counter now lives nice underneath.

The cleaner and more organized space really helps me feel calmer and more productive. And then I can usually get back to the task I was avoiding. Anyone else out there have skills like this?

Happy Organizing!!

Knitting Nest

We have this microwave/TV cart that we have been carting around since our first apartment in 2007. I think this was even handed down from my Aunt back then who used it for many years before I got it. It has been a bedside table, microwave holder, toy storage and book storage. But during a recent shuffle of the upstairs of our home…it found itself empty.

Very quickly and organically it filled up with knitting. I didn’t even plan it on purpose. It lives behind the couch out the way of sticky little kid fingers. And in the evening I can pull it out and put beside the recliner in our living room. Then put it away when I’m done. It has all the essentials: wine, ear buds for podcasts, snacks and three WIPs.

I have my Weekender in the purple sheep bag, the Arya shawl in the gold polka dot bag, and the long languishing Party Top in the dark brown polka dot bag. My hubby has dubbed this my “Knitting Nest” and I kinda like it! It’s my knitting spot…only mobile!

Do you have a knitting spot?


Goodbye Winter, Goodbye Handknits

Warmer temps seem to here to stay and I haven’t really been wearing my woolens. I did my annual cleaning of the handknits. I washed and dried all my sweaters, cowls, and socks and carefully tucked them in plastic bags. We do from time to time get moths so I don’t mess around. These are all my hand knits tucked carefully in plastic bags in my thrift store cedar chest.

I have to admit that looking at this makes me sad that I can’t wear all these goodies any more but also sorta proud that I have a hand knit stash waiting for next fall!

Happy Knitting!

I Love Organization!

My biggest OCD trait is organization. Clutter makes me grumpy and I like for items to be stored neatly. This includes my knitting.

My mom knows this, so she dropped a little surprise in the mail this week. A new circ needle organizer! Made by the talented hands of my mother….



It’s made of up-cycled jeans, leftover quilt scraps, and some netting. There are eight….count’em eight pockets!




I pulled together all my plastic and wooden fixed circulars and loaded them in. Short circs in the inside pockets, wood on one side and metal on the other. And the longer circs live in the outside pockets, again wood on one side and metal on the other.



The case folds easily and the velcro is holding closed for now. I might be inclined to slip a rubber band around it, just to be sure. But I’m very happy that my circs are no longer stuffed into my straight needle case.

How do you store your circs?

Goodies In The Mail

My mom is not an internet shopper but she really wanted to purchase some knitting swag for me for Christmas. So we compromised….I agreed to act surprised at Christmas and she agreed to let me pick out my favorites.

The result?

A Chica Interchangeable Needles case in black and white….





I should be able to fit my Knit Picks Options interchangeables and my Denise plastic interchangeables all in one case 🙂

Next up, a new to me yarn: Knit Picks Reverie in Gemstone. This is an alpaca/acrylic blend that has great halo and softness. I’m thinking a great cowl or pair of gloves?




This color is just gorgeous and definitely in my wheel house. What’s a little more blue in my wardrobe right, lol?

And lastly, some cable connectors for my Knit Picks Options interchangeables. Just in case I go insane and decide to make a ginormous blanket again.



Now I just have to wait until Christmas to use and play with these delightful goodies. Merry Christmas to me!!!

A Little Organization for My Tuesday

I’m the first to admit….I’m a little OCD when it comes to organization. After too long messiness and clutter make me unhappy and grumpy.  The husband calls me a neat freak. I prefer to think of it as overly organized. And my knitting is no exception. I keep all my projects in bags and yarn holders. I even used clear storage bins in my new craft room! I keep my important patterns in a three ring binder…



If I like a pattern and can possible foresee using it again. It gets a spot in my binder. I especially find that my notes and markings from the first (or second) go around are helpful weeks, months, or years down the road. I try to erase the check marks but leave the suggestions and changes. I also like to put the in self sealing pouches to laminate them. That way I can use a dry erase marker for the next time I use it. When I’m done I can wipe it clean.



Joining the binder this week (from left to right) Mud Season, Knit Tutu, Snug, and Shalom Cardigan! I’m such a dork I even have tabs in my binder for clothing, washcloths, baby items, and about four other things. It makes finding all junk all that much easier.

Ahhhh, it feels good to be organized! Happy Tuesday!!!

FO Friday: My New Craft Space!!!

One big item is crossed off my vacation t0-do list, setting up my craft room! I spent most of Wednesday getting everything unpacked and situated. I’ll apologize for the photos. I took them with my DSLR but there is no natural light in this particular room and Photoshop can only do so much.

Here are the before shots:







About half of those boxes are my craft supplies and the other half is just boxes that got dumped in the room as we set up the rest of the house. I’m happy to say that most of the house is now set. We are still waiting on a new bed to be delivered and my parents to bring the upstairs living furniture that we are “inheriting”.

But I digress….now the after photos. And I’m really proud of how it turned out!!!

_MG_0392First up is my yarn stash, all my reading books, and finished scrapbooks. I picked up some clear storage bins at Big Lots and thanks to my all 2013 destashing efforts all my yarn fits in the bins on the right. I can see what I have now and no more under the bed storage. I prefer to organize my yarn by fiber type rather than weight/category.



This is my fabric storage, sewing machine, craft books, and other craft bits. I hope to find a chair so this will become my regular blogging spot. I mostly likely will sew upstairs on my dining room table but will store everything down here.



Behind the door is where I put my old notebooks and my WIP scrapbooks and other assorted bits. I don’t want to store too much here as the furnace is on the other side of the peg board and puts out occasional dust.



And finally our second guest bed and my new “couch” in the craft room. We are getting a new master bed and moving our old master bed to the guest room. So this bed had to go somewhere. It will be a nice place to stretch out and knit and when we have extra company we can pull it out for guests.

I can’ t wait to get to crafting in my new space!! TGIF!!!