Full Protection Mode

My Ashford Kiwi 3 lives permanently in the our main living area. Which means it is VERY tempting for little fingers to poke, prod or peddle. So late last year I found an Ashford case on Ebay sale and I bought it. Now, I get what I paid for and it took months to get here but I’m over that now, lol.

It is lightly padded, has a nice carrying strap and zips up completely. No more tempting little fingers! It is less convenient to take out and put away when I get the whim to spin. But I feel like the reduced wear and tear will, over time, overtake that frustration.

So my wheel still lives in the main area but it is a lot more protected and contained. I guess I like containers for my stuff!! Happy Spinning!!

I Love Organization!

My biggest OCD trait is organization. Clutter makes me grumpy and I like for items to be stored neatly. This includes my knitting.

My mom knows this, so she dropped a little surprise in the mail this week. A new circ needle organizer! Made by the talented hands of my mother….



It’s made of up-cycled jeans, leftover quilt scraps, and some netting. There are eight….count’em eight pockets!




I pulled together all my plastic and wooden fixed circulars and loaded them in. Short circs in the inside pockets, wood on one side and metal on the other. And the longer circs live in the outside pockets, again wood on one side and metal on the other.



The case folds easily and the velcro is holding closed for now. I might be inclined to slip a rubber band around it, just to be sure. But I’m very happy that my circs are no longer stuffed into my straight needle case.

How do you store your circs?

Nerd Alert Moment

Just a short post to show my final Christmas present to myself (finally arrived from Amazon)… I think I have a serious yarn/knitting problem!


It’s so amazingly gorgeous and makes me smile. I may or may not have squealed when it arrived. I just had to share this nerd moment.

Hello, my name is Rachelle and I have a yarn problem and I don’t care who knows it!