One of my greatest skills is something I call “procrasti-cleaning” aka cleaning or organizing something in my life so as to avoid work or a task I really don’t want to do.

This week’s target? My home office. I had been collecting boxes and files just on the floor under my counter and it was annoying. So a few dollars at online Wal-Mart and some pictorial assembly instructions I have a five cube shelf. I have just enough space for my bags to the side and all the junk from the counter now lives nice underneath.

The cleaner and more organized space really helps me feel calmer and more productive. And then I can usually get back to the task I was avoiding. Anyone else out there have skills like this?

Happy Organizing!!

Clearing The Deck

Also on a quarantine reaction front, I decided to use some of my kid free time last weekend to do a little “crafting round-up” to see if I could clear the decks a little. I just had the urge to organize and get rid of projects that don’t make me happy. I ended up cleaning my craft room bookshelf and the crafting corner where I dump all my projects. I came up with the following:

  1. A tote of WIPs I hadn’t looked at in at least two years or more
  2. My ginormous mitred square memory blanket and project bag
  3. Two giant knitting bags with many many project bags in them

Y’all, I dumped the whole shooting match out on the living room floor and just started sorting. I managed to empty three project bags and reclaim the yarn and needles for projects I just didn’t want to do anymore. I repacked my tote with three projects I still want to have on hold and organized my scraps for my memory blanket into one place.

That let me with one bag/pile of WIPs I actually feel like I want to work on. Including a blanket project that I forgot I had from….ahem….four years ago?

I’m hoping the revs up my mojo a little bit. But at the very least I feel a little less burdened with “to-dos” and projects. There is a lot of potential in that bag I just need to realize a little of it maybe.

Happy Knitting!!

Airing Of The Stash

I recently got some time home alone while the husband and Jellybean were off on an adventure. I decided to do a LONG overdue airing of the stash. I pulled all my bins out of my yarn shelves and sorted each box. I checked for bugs (none found thank god) and resorted them into what I feel like is better groupings. Purely arbitrary I assure you. But it made me feel good.

I took these hodge podge drawers….

And got all the yarn to fit into my plastic shelving. Literally my whole stash is in this photo…bags, needles and all! I even managed to identify four skeins to de-stash!

Happy Knitting!

Keeping Track of It All

Welcom to my OCD! I listen to a ton of podcasts and read blogs semi regularly. That means that this time of year I’m inundated with KALs. Don’t get me wrong…I love a good KAL. But I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed this summer.

I started to write down each KAL with the relevant pertinent data and I filled four pages in my notebook! I quickly decided I can’t do all of them or keep them straight on the fly. So I’m going to knit what I want and if my FOs happen to fall in one of these then I just might enter. I’m much happier with that decision.

How many KALs have you juggled?

Spring Cleaning

After my hiatus from blogging/knitting the past couple of months, I haven’t been able to generate much interest in any of the WIPs I had on the needles. And I can’t knit something I don’t love, so I did some organizing!

2014 Stashbustin’ #11: Henry’s Sweater – FROGGED

Undated/Unnamed Baby Girl cotton baby blanket – FROGGED

2014 Stashbustin’ #5: Antrose – HYBERNATING

Calorimetry Headband – FROGGED

2014 Stashbustin’ #13: A Plain Rye Sock – ACTIVE WIP

Call it a Spring Clean! I just couldn’t bring myself to work on any of these so I made a frog-it or stash-it decision. Only my Antrose and Plain Rye Socks made it safely out of the frog pond. Antrose is great but it’s a lot more project than I want right now, so it’s safely tucked away! I’m hoping to start my second Plain Rye sock soon!

But all this begs an important question, what to do next? Pardon me, I’m off to peruse my Ravelry queue!

Taming The Beast

I LOVE Ravelry….but it’s a slippery slope! My project queue has been clogged, congested, and outdated. Never fear! I pruned the list from 150+ to less than 100 projects 🙂

See here!


I used some guidelines:
1. Nothing under DK weight unless it’s a special sport weight project. I just don’t feel the love of tiny yarn on small needles
2. I still have to love the photo of the project in question
3. All projects must have “tags” so I can use the tabs feature to sort through faster (seriously if you don’t use this … START NOW ITS AWESOME)
4. Sweaters, sweaters, and more sweaters

Easy peasy! Please feel free to peruse my list! And if you like, link your queue in the comments. I love to see what other knitters drool over 🙂

Now… tame my favorites list….

I Love Organization!

My biggest OCD trait is organization. Clutter makes me grumpy and I like for items to be stored neatly. This includes my knitting.

My mom knows this, so she dropped a little surprise in the mail this week. A new circ needle organizer! Made by the talented hands of my mother….



It’s made of up-cycled jeans, leftover quilt scraps, and some netting. There are eight….count’em eight pockets!




I pulled together all my plastic and wooden fixed circulars and loaded them in. Short circs in the inside pockets, wood on one side and metal on the other. And the longer circs live in the outside pockets, again wood on one side and metal on the other.



The case folds easily and the velcro is holding closed for now. I might be inclined to slip a rubber band around it, just to be sure. But I’m very happy that my circs are no longer stuffed into my straight needle case.

How do you store your circs?

Goodies In The Mail

My mom is not an internet shopper but she really wanted to purchase some knitting swag for me for Christmas. So we compromised….I agreed to act surprised at Christmas and she agreed to let me pick out my favorites.

The result?

A Chica Interchangeable Needles case in black and white….





I should be able to fit my Knit Picks Options interchangeables and my Denise plastic interchangeables all in one case 🙂

Next up, a new to me yarn: Knit Picks Reverie in Gemstone. This is an alpaca/acrylic blend that has great halo and softness. I’m thinking a great cowl or pair of gloves?




This color is just gorgeous and definitely in my wheel house. What’s a little more blue in my wardrobe right, lol?

And lastly, some cable connectors for my Knit Picks Options interchangeables. Just in case I go insane and decide to make a ginormous blanket again.



Now I just have to wait until Christmas to use and play with these delightful goodies. Merry Christmas to me!!!

A Shiny New Yarn Tote

My momma loves me and is a total enabler when it comes to my knitting. Look at the primo tote bag she scored for me!


I am not sure what company this is from, but I love it just the same. It’s actually two pieces combined.


The first is a solid box designed to hold paperwork or file folders. Then the other is a soft sided tote with two outside pockets on one side and three on the other.  And the middle is one big open bag. The two work together very nicely!!!


My mother knows how OCD I am when it comes to organization. And she spoils me and I love her very much. Now to pick out a project to live in it….maybe my grown up sophisticate, the leg warmers that have been languishing at the bottom of my WIP pile, or maybe my nutmeg sweater!

Weekend Project Roundup

I read an interesting post by another blogger sometime last week about her love of bags and organization for her WIP and projects. I chuckled out loud reading because I have the same compulsion desire! And this weekend I did some cleaning in my craft room and I though I’d do a “bag/organization flash”

First up, here is a tote bag full of ruffle yarn destined to be tutus. I have the correct needle size and a laminated pattern in there as well.



Next up, my Stashbustin’ #19 project. This is an active project for the Sage Yarn FAL. So it doesn’t have a bigger bag.  Just a plastic yarn case from Micheals to keep the dog hair off my skeins of yarn and to keep them from rolling around as I work.



Next up, my Stashbustin’ #25 project, Baby Sophisticate! I haven’t actually cast on this as of yet. But I have the pattern marked up for the right size and the yarn is hanging out in the hand made yarn protector from my mother. I need to work up a gauge swatch….



This is my Stashbustin’ #26, Bulky Garter Stitch Balacava. Nothing fancy here either. Just a plastic bag to keep dog hair off my yarn. I still need to measure my co-workers head/hat size before I mark up the pattern instructions.


And finally Stashbustin’ #24, Spiral Leg Warmers. I went all out for this one…yep that’s right that’s a zip lock bag holding my yarn. Not fancy but keeps thing dry and clean!



And sometimes these smaller bags/projects get tossed into bigger bags. Here is a tote (also from Micheals)  that is currently holding my leg warmers, baby sophisticate, and balaclava. Not to mention two cases worth of needles, lots of notions, pens, and pencils.


Sometimes just having things organized neatly makes all this work seem less daunting!  Plus I always have something I can grab when I’m on the go or need to travel with a project. Not to mention it keeps my projects out of reach from my puppy that likes to hibernate on them, lol!!

How do you store your projects?