Keeping Track of It All

Welcom to my OCD! I listen to a ton of podcasts and read blogs semi regularly. That means that this time of year I’m inundated with KALs. Don’t get me wrong…I love a good KAL. But I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed this summer.

I started to write down each KAL with the relevant pertinent data and I filled four pages in my notebook! I quickly decided I can’t do all of them or keep them straight on the fly. So I’m going to knit what I want and if my FOs happen to fall in one of these then I just might enter. I’m much happier with that decision.

How many KALs have you juggled?

7 thoughts on “Keeping Track of It All

  1. Because I get random orders and I’m always working on stock as well as socks for myself I try to limit myself to one KAL/CAL at a time. It just reduces the stress. Love the notebook idea. I haven’t started listening to podcasts for that very reason. 😉

  2. I’ve never done a KAL, though I’ve been tempted by some of the projects. I’ve always wondered if I would feel pressure to get it done “on time” and then it wouldn’t be as fun.

  3. I’ve never done a KAL myself. I’m terrible at keeping to a timeline so I have the same apprehension as bonnyknits. I definitely don’t think I could do more than one! 😊

  4. None. I’m tempted, but I’ve gone back to school and I have a quilt going. I can re-work my own plans, but if I don’t knit-ahead(kind of like I do in school), I will not catch up and then I will slide into more UFOs and second sock syndrome. One day, when I have nothing else going, or I’m quite confident in my scheduling ability, I may choose one–just one…if that sock is spectacular enough to talk me into it. I’m glad you can keep yours straight….What has been your max number of KALs followed?

  5. A few years ago I got myself into about 12 K/CALS at once. I obviously forgot I joined some and just joined some more. These weren’t even prize-related. I thought my head would explode. I finished them all eventually and I decided to just join the ones my local club has in the future. Now that I’m over it I’m shopping around for an online one. But I will only join one online thing.

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