My Wishlist for 2016

Happy New to all!!!

My knitting time is sparse and precious with an active toddler in the house. Therefore I want to only work on projects that make me happy and that I can’t put down. I hate to call these goals because I hate not achieving goals. So I’m making a wishlist to help me combat my urge to CAST ON ALL THE THINGS and keep myself motivated in the new year.

  1. Keep plugging on my Garter Rainbow Blanket
  2. Start a baby blanket for my very best friend and her baby to be in some deep stash Knit Picks Biggo. Probably something in checkerboard to coordinate with his/her older sister.
  3. Finish my Momma Vertebrae before Spring
  4. Work on my Cashmere Ribbed Socks in Dream in Color Smooshy because every knitter needs cashmere on their feet
  5. Knit two pairs of socks for my husband
  6. Knit at least one vest this year
  7. Knit at least one more cardigan before winter.
  8. Knit one sweater for Jellybean for next winter
  9. Knit preemie hats for charity
  10. Knit some tube socks for Jellybean

Alright, that’s my Top Ten. Let’s see how I do, lol. 

Taming The Beast

I LOVE Ravelry….but it’s a slippery slope! My project queue has been clogged, congested, and outdated. Never fear! I pruned the list from 150+ to less than 100 projects 🙂

See here!


I used some guidelines:
1. Nothing under DK weight unless it’s a special sport weight project. I just don’t feel the love of tiny yarn on small needles
2. I still have to love the photo of the project in question
3. All projects must have “tags” so I can use the tabs feature to sort through faster (seriously if you don’t use this … START NOW ITS AWESOME)
4. Sweaters, sweaters, and more sweaters

Easy peasy! Please feel free to peruse my list! And if you like, link your queue in the comments. I love to see what other knitters drool over 🙂

Now… tame my favorites list….

WIPitis and Its Implications

I have had a well documented case of WIPitis lately. I have five projects currently in my WIP column and about 50 more projects queued up on Ravelry. To keep myself honest, I am reporting all my WIPs to you guys. I am going to call it a “WIP Flash”!!!

Stashbustin’ #2 – Waffle Blanket

Haven’t touched this since that progress report. It’s hibernating and it honestly doesn’t bother me….yet


Stashbustin’ #9 – Simple Stockinette Baby Blanket

See yesterday’s post…it’s coming along! This project is now my bedtime knitting.

photo (4)

Stashbustin’ #10 – Pink and White Chevron Blanket

Haven’t touched this one since the last update either. I’m waiting for it to “speak” to me before I pick it up again.


Stashbustin’ #11 – Simple Raglan Cardi

I have made a little progress since Tuesday. I’m really trying to do this one right. And slow and steady wins the race! This is my current TV knitting on the couch. I haven’t snapped a recent photo, but I’ve completed at least 3 inches!

Purse Project

I always keep a small mindless project in my bag in case I get stuck somewhere in line or get bored at lunch. Right now I have a Cascading Ruffles Scarf in the most elegant and shiny purple I have ever seen. It’s about half done, which is impressive since I only work one or two rows at a time.

I’ve shown you mine….anybody want to tell me about theirs?

Happy Knitting!!

Knitting Problems


I have a knitting problem, I want to KNIT ALL THE THINGS!

Everything I see I want to knit! Cute patterns on Ravelry, adorable photos on Pinterest, and even friends projects all compete for my attention. I want to learn socks, I want to do a bigger sweater, I want to knit cute baby things, and I want to knit trendy things for my craft shows.

Sadly my life does not afford me the time to do all if the above. Not even by a long shot, lol. I am accountant by day and knitter by night. I am jealous of other knitters who can knit on commute on mass transit (no good option where I live and I have a 30+ min drive), while in class, or on breaks at work.

Fall makes me yearn for falling snow outside while I am safely wrapped up inside working on hand knits. Some of my blogger friends even made knitting progress in the face of devastating Sandy. Glad they made it through safe and sound, and praying for all those affected!

Sooooo many patterns, so little time! Probably not a problem that I will ever solve. Here’s hoping for a few snow days this winter! So it’s time to just pick a pattern and dive in…..or learn to knit faster!

Happy Knitting!