My Wishlist for 2016

Happy New to all!!!

My knitting time is sparse and precious with an active toddler in the house. Therefore I want to only work on projects that make me happy and that I can’t put down. I hate to call these goals because I hate not achieving goals. So I’m making a wishlist to help me combat my urge to CAST ON ALL THE THINGS and keep myself motivated in the new year.

  1. Keep plugging on my Garter Rainbow Blanket
  2. Start a baby blanket for my very best friend and her baby to be in some deep stash Knit Picks Biggo. Probably something in checkerboard to coordinate with his/her older sister.
  3. Finish my Momma Vertebrae before Spring
  4. Work on my Cashmere Ribbed Socks in Dream in Color Smooshy because every knitter needs cashmere on their feet
  5. Knit two pairs of socks for my husband
  6. Knit at least one vest this year
  7. Knit at least one more cardigan before winter.
  8. Knit one sweater for Jellybean for next winter
  9. Knit preemie hats for charity
  10. Knit some tube socks for Jellybean

Alright, that’s my Top Ten. Let’s see how I do, lol. 

6 thoughts on “My Wishlist for 2016

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