Knitting Problems


I have a knitting problem, I want to KNIT ALL THE THINGS!

Everything I see I want to knit! Cute patterns on Ravelry, adorable photos on Pinterest, and even friends projects all compete for my attention. I want to learn socks, I want to do a bigger sweater, I want to knit cute baby things, and I want to knit trendy things for my craft shows.

Sadly my life does not afford me the time to do all if the above. Not even by a long shot, lol. I am accountant by day and knitter by night. I am jealous of other knitters who can knit on commute on mass transit (no good option where I live and I have a 30+ min drive), while in class, or on breaks at work.

Fall makes me yearn for falling snow outside while I am safely wrapped up inside working on hand knits. Some of my blogger friends even made knitting progress in the face of devastating Sandy. Glad they made it through safe and sound, and praying for all those affected!

Sooooo many patterns, so little time! Probably not a problem that I will ever solve. Here’s hoping for a few snow days this winter! So it’s time to just pick a pattern and dive in…..or learn to knit faster!

Happy Knitting!

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