FO Friday: iPhone Earbuds Cozy

I HATE when my earphones get tangled in my purse and gym bag! I spend forever untangling them no matter how carefully I put them away! I saw another blogger showcase a genius idea on how to fix this!

I grabbed a small crochet hook and some leftover sock yarn. Tah Dah!!!



I’m not the best with a crochet hook, but it will do. I did a single chain stitch around the cord and all the way up the main cord and up one side of the ear buds. I left the other ear bud alone because it has a volume control.

Now I have fabric coated ear buds that resist tangling!

Happy Friday and Happy Knitting!!!


The hubby got a new cell phone thanks to his early technology adoption personality. This time my line actually had an upgrade and we got a two-fer!

And due to some penny pinching, I was able to swing an iPhone 5s. Totally in love with it! And of course this means a new phone case, I think you guys will like this one…


Conductive Thread: An Experiment


I had a coworker ask me for some gloves she could use with her phone. She spends a great deal of time outside and is addicted to Words With Friends. I had been wanting to try the conductive thread I saw featured in Knit Picks a few issues ago, so in my last yarn order from Knit Picks I added 10 yards of conductive thread. I also picked up some knit gloves from Joann’s dollar bins.

After some trial and error I managed to find a way to sew/weave in the conductive thread in between the ribbed stitch texture of the glove fingers. I was easy to sew the left hand but as I’m right handed the right glove was tricky. I only did the forefinger and the thumb.

My thoughts on the finished project….very mixed. The thread worked great. The problem lies in getting enough yarn sewn in and on the surface where it can come into contact with the screen. This may be more of a statement on my sewing ability than feasibility of the project. Technically the gloves worked, you just had to press fairly had and get a lot of the conductive thread in contact with the screen. I think this thread would be better served to actually knit into a pair of gloves rather than sewn.

Next time I think I will try the pre-made conductive disks….maybe. My coworker was happy enough to test them out for me. But she found the same concerns as I did. Not a project win, but a fairly good attempt/start!


Has anyone had any experiments with this thread?

Nerd Alert Moment

Just a short post to show my final Christmas present to myself (finally arrived from Amazon)… I think I have a serious yarn/knitting problem!


It’s so amazingly gorgeous and makes me smile. I may or may not have squealed when it arrived. I just had to share this nerd moment.

Hello, my name is Rachelle and I have a yarn problem and I don’t care who knows it!