Cleaning and Packing

Coming off the Zen of a full week off from my day job, I decided to toss all my woolens and get them ready for summer storage. Which resulted in this hug messy pile…

With a little help from Jellybean we sorted all these into baby knits, hats, shawls, blankets and “other”. All items were inspected for any wear/tear or critter damage. If they passed muster than we put them into vacuum bags and sealed shut.

All these happy woolens are now safely tucked into my cedar chest or cedar scented drawers. This was not the most fun job but I feel really accomplished after it is done, lol.

Happy Knitting!!

3 thoughts on “Cleaning and Packing

  1. Well done! I have been thinking of getting some of those vacuum bags – would you recommend them? I have huge piles of winter woollies and bedding !

    • I like them and I have just bought the target brand bags. They don’t stay sealed forever, especially after a few uses. But I think they work great for things you will pull out and inspect at least once a year. They do save space. But I wouldn’t do super long term storage in them.

      • Thanks for your opinion on the bags. I did wonder on the longevity of them. A friend heard one coming unhinged as she put it on top of her wardrobe, jumped out of the way as she imagined a full size duvet would suddenly leap off the shelf upon her! It didn’t quite but she struggled to do the bag up again. Perhaps it had just had enough!

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