My Current State

Hey guess what? The laundry from yesterday is still there. I decided it was a good idea to delegate the folding to my hubby since I washed and dried it all. But he has a different world view on how quickly these kinds of things should be done. I’m curious to see how long it will take to get put away? For now, I’m just dressing Jellybean and PB from the baskets, lol.

But for now I have comfy yoga pants and my Weekender Sweater. The ladders are still there no matter what I try so I’m hoping that the blog advice that they will block out and even out when its done is true. So far I’m really pleased with the even colors I’m getting with the helical knitting. I have almost put one complete ball of the Malabrigo Rios into this sweater. Here’s hoping the next balls fades in nicely as well!

Happy Knitting!!

7 thoughts on “My Current State

  1. The ladders are sometimes caused by you pulling too tightly rather than not tightly enough on the first stitch once you’ve switched your magic loop around. You may want to give this a go for a few rows and see if that improves the ladder situation, it certainly helped me and I’ve not had a ladder since. Unfortunately I don’t remember which website or YouTube video I learned that from so can’t give credit where it came from.

  2. I snug the second stitch on the new needle when I knit in the round or magic loop. It seems to resolve the ladder. Good for you in delegating. It may sound odd, but I taught my boys to fold clothes by demonstrating ‘lines of symmetry’ which they were learning in math. Clever, eh?

  3. Stand fast on the laundry!!! These boundaries are so important. Get your husband to dress the kids out the basket though; at the moment, he’s not the one dealing with the consequences of his inaction. Your knitting is beautiful.

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