Fantastic Find

I was killing time in Micheals (a tough job, I know) after Christmas waiting for my aunt to finish her shopping. I wandered into the Christmas clearance isle and spotted this…

A coffee cup with a cable and stockinette design! This puppy was $9.99 on sale for $1.99! How could I not buy this as a knitter!?

My husband would kill me if I brought more coffee cups in the house so this cup went straight to work to be pretty and functional on my desk. ūüėĄ

Happy Knitting!

Coffee Update

My Little Coffee Bean Sweater is almost done!!


This is my Stashbustin’ #30 for those keeping track. I followed the pattern as written except for the color changes. I knit the body in solid blue and the ribbed edges in yellow.

I used 85.5 yards or 45 grams of Knit Picks Dishie Solids in Creme Brulee (yellow) and 180.5 yards or 95 grams of Knit Picks Dishie Solids in Jay (blue). It was a pretty quick knit as well. I’m just needing to do the buttons. But I can decide!!

So here is where I am asking the wisdom of the knitting community. Do you like the white stars, yellow stars, or blue stars?


Knitting on the Road

Hello from the boonies of North Central! I am stuck watching it snow sideways this morning. Mind you it was 50+ degrees yesterday. I have my coffee and my knitting and I am just enjoying the peace of country life. (That is providing the five canines in the house at this moment can leave me alone and stop messing up my yarn because they hate the storm….) Still working on my chenille Stockinette Baby Blanket, one stitch at a time.

Its kinds of nice once in awhile to just close my eyes and pretend I‚Äôm a kid again at my parents‚Äô house and I don‚Äôt have a care in the world. In few hours (fingers crossed for good roads) I have to load up the fur babies and head back to my big kid world and my husband. I wouldn’t trade what I have in a million years‚Ķbut a girl can pretend once in awhile right?

Happy Knitting!!

Sunday Morning Adventures

After getting much needed feedback yesterday on my “Where To Stop” dilemma, I made a yarn store run this morning. The husband was sleeping in after a late night of video gaming. I may be a yarn nerd but I married an extremely committed technology gaming nerd. My Chevron Blanket uses Loops N Threads Charisma yarn from Michaels. The store doesn’t open until 10 am on Sunday and I arrived 15 minutes early due to favorable traffic. I was amazed that I was not the first one there! I kid you not there were 8 to 10 cars parked and waiting for the store to open. Never under estimate the¬†commitment¬†of crafty people. I snagged my needed two skeins of yarn I needed to extend my blanket. I wanted three but the store was out of the royal blue (sad face). I did score some clearance Lion Brand Nature’s Choice Organic Cotton (happy face). I got out of the store before I put an even bigger dent in my pocket book.

Next stop was Sam’s Club. We needed supplies to stock up on before¬†“Blizzard of Oz, part II”. ¬†We got 10-12 inches of snow last Wednesday/Thursday in what they dubbed: The Blizzard of Oz. We are set for round two starting tonight and snowing through Tuesday morning. So far they are predicting another 10-14 inches. I picked up bottled water, food staples, and dog food in case we get snowed in for a couple of days. I have plenty of yarn to work through a hundred blizzards, but we’re not going to talk about that. Sam’s was packed and I ran into at least five people I knew. At least people are taking the storm seriously!

Last stop was Starbucks. A girlfriend gave me a gift card for baby sitting her baby girl so she and her husband could have some date night time last month. I don’t usually get¬†Starbucks¬†but I had the gift card and wanted to try their blonde roast. Again never under estimate the¬†commitment¬†of¬†caffeine¬†addicts. I had to park and go in because the drive through line was running 9 cars deep. Even with parking and walking I had my Venti Skinny Mocha’ Cafe in less than five minutes and back on my way. It was delicious by the way.

Having a little “me” time this morning was wonderful. I got to¬†indulge¬†my yarn addiction, my¬†caffeine¬†addiction, and get some chores done. Sometimes I just need to get out and about by myself to clear my head. I love spend time with my family and friends but I also like being¬†independent. Now my husband has woken up and I am trying to convince him to take me for Thai food “because the storm is coming”, lol. Good excuse as any right?

Christmas Preparations


My unbelievably wonderful husband decorated our entire house all by himself. I’ll admit to being a little grinchy, but his wonderful surprise helped me beat the grinch! So I did the last of our shopping today, wrapped all our gifts, and cleaned the house.


As a reward, I treated myself to a homemade mocha, some scarf knitting, and my newest book! So here I sit relaxing under the stockings waiting for Christmas to get here…..


Are you ready for Christmas?

Cold Snap

Baby it’s cold outside! We finally dipped below freezing in the last couple of days in Kansas. No snow though ūüė¶

Despite the lack of snow, I got to put on some of my warm (and stylish) hand knits. It’s a ruffle scarf knit from Starbella Flash yarn, Rav link here.


And grab some delicious coffee to stay warm. My office always has fresh and hot coffee every morning…


I found this ceramic mug with rubber lid at a clearance Easter sale at Hobby Lobby. It’s easy to clean and keeps my coffee hot hot! Couldn’t live without it.

T-minus 14 days to Christmas and I can’t wait! Hand knits always put me in the holiday spirit!!

Happy Knitting!

Weekend of Fun

This weekend has been interesting to say the least. We woke up to a washing machine that caused the sewer to back up into the house. We can run the sink and take short showers but not much else. Then my parents made a surprise visit just for the day. Then the husband and I took family photos with our dogs who were spectacularly uncooperative. And it was freaking cold!

So today is about knitting…




A little 90s TV series on DVD…


And dog snuggling, even after their performance yesterday…


And later I get to schlep my laundry across town to a friends house in order to have clean clothes. Great weekend…