Coffee and Spinning

Back to school is here and work is, well crazy as ever. I took some time yesterday morning o drink hot coffee and spin for 15 minutes before getting ready for work. PB and Jellybean are getting big enough that they need less TLC to get out the door for the day. So I feel like I can start claiming some of that space of the day.

I had previously been calling this BFL. It is not. This is in fact Corriedale and 100% Corriedale, lol. This is harder for me to spin consistently the same and I’m getting a lot of thick and thin runs. But its fun nonetheless.

I’m on the second bobbin and chugging away on the second 4 ounces of this 8 ounce spin. The solid color will make really cool yarn but it does make for a monotonous spin. Chipping away at this 15/20 minutes at a time is probably the best plan to get through this fiber.

Happy Spinning!!

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