Cold Snap

We have had some unseasonably awesome cool weather here in Kansas. It feels amazing! But unfortunately no one told the facilities department in my new building. It’s 60 degrees outside and the AC is running full blast. Not to mention I wore sandals today. Never fear, knitting to the rescue!

I pulled my purse knitting out and put on my one complete sock. My maple vanillas may not be done but at least one foot is warm. I seriously have been switching back and forth to warm my tootsies. Guess this just means I need to knit faster!!

Happy Kniting!

The Things No one Warns You About

This has pretty much been my life for the last month…


Lots of Kleenex, a baby with unpredictable sleep patterns, and slow progress on a pair of socks. Since Jellybean started daycare and I’ve been back to work I’ve managed to catch a sinus infection/ear infection combo, then the very unpleasant 24 hour flu that lasted 48 hours, and now finally a head cold that just lingers. No one warned me having a baby right before cold and flu season was a bad idea!

So we just take our days as they come: lots of snuggle time in steamy bathrooms, the dreaded snot sucker, and a boatload of Kleenex. The only upside is that I should have a finished pair of socks by Christmas and to wrap up my year of Socks With Sarah!

Dear Santa, all I really want for Christmas is for our new little family to be healthy for just a little while? Please and thank you!

Just Keep Swimming!

I still feel like dog doo, but slightly less so this morning. I’m headed in to work. Here goes nothing! Green tea, honey, lemon, and DayQuil will be my best friends today.

I didn’t do squat yesterday but sleep, drink fluids, and knit a few rows on my Mud Season.

The pups took turns helping…



Just gotta follow Dory’s advice and just keep swimming!

Survival….sort of

All theater performances are done, moving is complete (still have all the boxes to put away), and I have successfully caught some sort of sinus infection.

I feel like dog doody. I did the last two performances with a probable fever and a definite runny nose. I had to call sick into work this morning and I’m currently stationed in my bed with toilet paper for Kleenex and some OJ.

My posts might be a bit sparse this week. But I made it, sort of…

Thanks for all the support last week 🙂

Berroco Yarn and Wooley Hats


Despite it being spring, it’s still pretty chilly here in Kansas! I am still getting a lot of use out of my hand knits.


I made this Rikke hat back in November for my birthday. I used Berroco Vintage DK in a gorgeous red. Sometimes a knitter just has to treat herself. Lovely wooley goodness on a cold spring day!

I hope your day is warmer than mine!!

Stashbustin’ #8

Last week one of my favorite coworkers came to me and asked if I could make a balaclava like hat/mask. He is our maintenance guy and spends a LOT of time outside. He has one that has seen better days and cant find what he wants in stores. So I said sure! He truly appreciates the amount of time and effort that god into a hand knit item. And who doesn’t like knitting for those kind of people!?!

So I did some pattern research on Ravelry. His current hat has seen better days but is a pretty basic tube neck with stocking style hat with a ribbed brim and small visor above the eye opening. I finally settled on Trav’s Balaclava by Jackie Kelley. This had the basic building blocks that I needed. I figure I can alter the pattern to what I need. I had one skein of Bernat Denimstyle in my stash that had no particular project in mind. It’s the right weight but not enough yardage. So I just chose to not knit the neck section as long as called for to make sure I didn’t run out of yarn before the end.

I really just wanted to test knit this project and have a working prototype to show my coworker. I want his input before I knit the final product. So far so good!


I’ve completed the (shortened) neck, face hole, and started on the hat section. I need to find a good piece of stiff plastic to use to fill/shape the brim I have in mind. I hope to complete this week and report back to you with his input! My Rav page/link is here.

Happy Knitting!

Cold Snap

Baby it’s cold outside! We finally dipped below freezing in the last couple of days in Kansas. No snow though 😦

Despite the lack of snow, I got to put on some of my warm (and stylish) hand knits. It’s a ruffle scarf knit from Starbella Flash yarn, Rav link here.


And grab some delicious coffee to stay warm. My office always has fresh and hot coffee every morning…


I found this ceramic mug with rubber lid at a clearance Easter sale at Hobby Lobby. It’s easy to clean and keeps my coffee hot hot! Couldn’t live without it.

T-minus 14 days to Christmas and I can’t wait! Hand knits always put me in the holiday spirit!!

Happy Knitting!