All The Canadian Sweaters Quantities

I have been zooming every Monday evening with the ladies from the Wet Coast Wools LYS (Vancouver, CA) for their knit night. I enjoy it very much but I was WILDLY enabled this past month.

The shop ran a huge sale after Christmas on their yarns and add to that the favorable exchange rates for Americans…..I fell down the sweater quantity hole. I ended up giving Glenda all my Christmas monies (and then some).

I picked up six skeins of Lagom by Katia in a wonderful heathered grey color on a worsted weight. That is roughly 1,300 yards of yarn to make a nice nuetral sweater. Next up is eight skeins of Holst Garn Coast in a brown color. This is a fingering weight yarn I intend to hold double for a garment of sorts. Lastly I grabbed five skeins of Briggs and Little Regal in a heathered blue. This is another worsted weight but this one is pretty sheepy feeling. I think this will need to be a cardigan to be worn over an under layer for my princess skin.

All in all it felt nice to add some heavier weight to my stash. I have a TON of fingering/sock but I tend not to buy the heavier stuff to have on hand. I’m working on that in 2021.

Happy Knitting!!

Learning To Drop Spindle

I might need to send Etsy a thank you after this self isolation period. I think I have been coping pretty well with not over eating or being overly sedentary but I have been kind of soothing my fears and anxiety with small business online shopping. I was disappointed about missing Knitting in the Heartland back in April whereI was supposed to take a drop spindle class. So I grabbed life by the bootstraps and ordered a drop spindle I knew nothing about on Etsy. When it got here, I just fired up YouTube and started watching lessons….

I watched about 40 minutes of tutorials and just got myself started. I pulled some mystery wool roving from my inherited spinning stash and go to learning. I am using the “park and draft” method of drop spindling on a top whorl spindle. I have no idea how many ounces my spindle is. It’s nice and heavy and seems to making yarn quite nicely.

Drafting has been a steep learning curve. I am working on a long draw method that focuses on getting a thin line of fiber without breaking it. I am still working on this skill. My wool was in roving form and I’m peeling off strips and spinning from those. The fiber is not the nicest but it’s working fine for this beginner.

My yarn is definitely thick and thin in nature. I’m working on not over twisting and getting consistent drafting. I’m not sure I’m succeeding but I am sure having fun! I have about an ounce of this mystery fiber so it shouldn’t take me that long to spin up. I’m really interested to see what comes our of this? I am definitely spinning a singles yarn as I have zero brain space to ply this small amount of fiber.

Happy Spinning!

A Foray Into Handspun

I may or may not have purchased some hand spun from the Topeka Twister yesterday….oh who I am kidding, of course I did!! This is really my first foray into hand spun yarn created by a fiber artist. I’m excited, here are my purchases:



I’m thinking a headband for this. Maybe Calirometry by Kathryn Schoendorf?



And for this wonderful skein, I’m thinking socks? It is a bit scratchy but I think a good bath with a lanolin based wool wash will soften it up a bit!

Happy Knitting!

Stashbustin’ #14: Mud Season

Introducing Stashbustin’ #14, Mud Season by Elizabeth Smith!!

I pulled my Berroco Vintage Chunky from stash and started to swatch.


Here is swatch A. I used the prescribed US 10 needles and did NOT get gauge…



Ugh! I was shooting for 3.5 sts and 5 rows in 1″. I actually got 5 sts and 7 rows. So to the frog pond it went. I went down to US 9s.



And tah dah! I get really damn close to gauge. I got 4 sts by 5 rows per 1″. I need to knit just a smudge tighter than normal on 9s. I need to give this swatch a bath and see how it does after a good blocking.

But I discovered something as I was working this swatch….I don’t like this colorway for this project. I’m a very pale woman and this is a very bright blue hue. This blue wants to be a shawl or cowl. Something that pops against my black peacoat or grey turtleneck. So I pinned a note about my swatch and gauge to the yarn and back to the tub it went.


I may or may not have hopped on Webs and ordered enough skeins of the Chocolate colorway in Vintage Chunky…..sssh don’t tell my husband that I’m breaking my stashbustin’ project a bit.

Happy Knitting!

Stashbustin’ #13: Stylish Square Blanket

Introducing Stashbustin’ #13! I started a new blanket over the weekend….



I have five skeins of Knit Picks Biggo in Golden Heather burning a whole in my stash. I am a BIG fan of Knit Picks yarn and Biggo has become one of my go-to yarns for baby projects. It’s a soft wool blend that isn’t hard for a new parent to care for but also baby butt soft.

I perused my Ravelry queue and found The Stylish Square by Susan Hanlon. Simple seed stitch border with a alternating stockinette/reverse stockinette block design. And the wool blend is so yummy under my fingers.


Just the simple project I need as I head into the home stretch of trying to close on a house and opening a community theater show. It seems I’m surrounded by pregnant ladies so I’m sure I will find a good home for a blanket.

Happy Knitting!!!


I read A LOT of blog posts every week and I enjoy them all. But I was inspired by pdxknitterati’s post Knitters Helping Knitters this past week. Follow the link to read the full story, it’s a good one!!

Basically a knitting community in Portland is gathering hats for an auction to raise money for a sweet little 9yr old boy with cancer! Cancer is a mean and ugly thing. So what better than to fight it with hand knits full of love!

I pulled some one skein wonders from my stash this and I want to cast on at least two hats this week. I recently lost my grandmother cancer so this project had touched a special place in my heart. And it will get some single skeins out of my stash! The deadline is April 15th and I want to finish at least 3-4 hats to mail off.

If you want to join me here is the mailing info I pulled from FB event, Please send your completed hat by April 15 to:
Cathy Woodcock
c/o Lantern Moon
7911 NE 33rd Drive Suite 140
Portland, OR 97211

Lets kick cancer in the butt!!!!

Berroco Yarn and Wooley Hats


Despite it being spring, it’s still pretty chilly here in Kansas! I am still getting a lot of use out of my hand knits.


I made this Rikke hat back in November for my birthday. I used Berroco Vintage DK in a gorgeous red. Sometimes a knitter just has to treat herself. Lovely wooley goodness on a cold spring day!

I hope your day is warmer than mine!!