FO Friday: Half Double Crochet Dosh Cloth Set

I needed a simple and quick project for an impromptu zoom knit night. Normally I would grab socks but I got a wild hair and grabbed my crochet hooks and a ball of Lily Sugar N Cream.

I started with the dishcloth. How many stitches did I chain? I have no idea I just did my version of half double crochet until I got a cloth that looked square adjacent to my eyes. I still had meeting time and cotton left. So I held the yarn doubled and knit a long rectangle. I then folded it and seamed it into a dish scrubbie.

Now I’m left with a dish set of sorts. Not sure if this will go in my kitchen drawers into the kids play set. But it got one ball of kitchen cotton out of my stash and turned into a useful item

Happy Friday and Happy Crafting!

Free Dishcloth Pattern

Hello, my name is Rachelle and I am a knitter who needs instant gratification.

I absolutely love the feeling of finishing a project. I a list maker who enjoys crossing off completed tasks. Therefore I have always gravitated to short one or two skein projects. And I almost always have several items in the works. I am NOT a monogamous knitter, lol.

Currently in my needles I have:
1. Stockinette shrug
2. Bulky boot toppers and skinny scarf set
3. Berry Basket Dishcloth
4. One Row baby blanket
5. Hanging kitchen towel
6. Sashay ruffle scarf
I prefer to work on a project that speaks to me at that moment. Depending on my mood that may be any of the above! I know, I know I will never break any knitting speed records this way, but it makes me happy. And isn’t that what knitting all about?

So I would like to share a dishcloth pattern I wrote this year! It’s a simple garter stitch that’s worked corner to corner with an eyelet/lace border. You can find the free Ravelry download here! I love love love working this pattern with Nature’s Choice Organic Cotton. It yields a deliciously soft cloth that’s very durable. I think it’s perfect for new baby washcloths or a face wash cloth because it is so soft and smooth.

I can whip out two or three of these babies in an evening of TV watching! They make great gift for the upcoming holidays. Enjoy this pattern and I’d love to see your finished works on Ravelry if you get a chance! Here are a couple shots of my finished works 🙂



Happy Knitting!!