Throwback From Wayback

My parents recently did some furniture shuffling to give Jellybean his own bed in the den when we visit. Kid has been camping out on air mattress since he outgrew their crib. (Not that he minds). And this put a bee in my mothers bonnet and she started cleaning. Well she unearthed some treasures!

She found my sister and I’s old potholder weaving loom. And it still had a project sitting on it! This has to be no less than 15-18 years old because I think we put this aside before my sister and I started high school??

Jellybean and I sat down to play with it and we decided to finish the potholder. It was right up my four year old’s alley as it was a great way to help him learn patterns and sequences.

After a bit we had a finished potholder with obvious tension problems but functional none the less! Jellybean was super excited and put the pot holder to work in our play kitchen set. And I made a note to get a better hook to weave with, especially for the finishing.

And I actually have two looms, the plastic one with the project on it and then a wood and metal one pictured above. I need to look up some YouTube refreshers but I’m thinking (hoping) that maybe Jellybean and I can do some side by side crafting over the winter? Time will tell…

Happy Crafting!