Long Languishing Blanket

This was a blanket that Ravelry tells me I started in May 2016 and frogged in September 2017. But I didn’t actually rip it out so I’m just going to keep going. I unearthed it during my craft room organization. This makes this project older than PB….

Back in 2016/2017 I was big into crocheting these super bulky blankets for gifts and presents. They are quick to work up and make nice cozy blankets. If memory serves this was going to be for my friend’s baby boy but I didn’t get it done in time so he just got a onsie and some diapers. So the blanket didn’t have a deadline anymore and was resigned to the long term storage tote. I then promptly forgot about it.

I think I am going to see if I can finish this blanket to put in my gift bin or perhaps let PB and Jellybean have it for their dolls and monsters to swaddle them?

Happy Crafting!!

Cast On: Westport Blanket

I have conquered the annoying yarn vomit and managed to start my baby blanket! With my Mighty Stitch held double I just over 600 yards for a blanket. So I did a quick search of my queue and favorites and found the Westport Blanket by Fifty Four Ten Studio.


So after the kids went to bed I managed to get a good start on the blanket. I have enough yarn for the Small size. It’s supposed to be crib or lap sized. I didn’t check gauge (bad knitter, I know) so I don’t know if I’ll end up with the pattern dimensions. Ask me if I care? 🙂

You just gotta love bulky yarn on big needles right? Even with my limited knitting time I feel like I accomplished something decent!

Happy Knitting!!

PB Won’t Stop Growing Up

When I was at Joanns picking up the needles I was missing, I might have fallen down in the chenille yarn section…

PB will be one year in May and I’d like to make a lovey for her birthday like I did for Jellybean when he turned one. I found the Premier Parfait Layers in the perfect grey and pink combo that matches PB’s layette. Man…she does not stop growing these days!

She definitely approved and was thematic for her outfit that day!! (PS…that’s 18 month sized clothing on my 9 month old….)

I already own Rebecca Dangers’ Big Book of Knitted Monsters and there is one written for super bulky. So I think PB is getting Baldwin the Bathroom Monster.

I fully recognize that I made my life harder by choosing chenille yarn. It’s not my favorite to knit with but PB has an affinity for super soft things and I’m a total sucker. I’m thinking I’ll make the big monster and then crochet the leftovers into a little monster sized blanket.

Deadline knitting and I don’t always mesh…so we will see how this goes! Happy Knitting!!

Sometimes….It Just Doesn’t Work

I have bad news for my Jericho Blanket….it’s hit the frog pond.

This pattern is gorgeous, but I just wasn’t feeling the yarn/pattern combo. I just didn’t feel the drive to keep working on it and I didn’t even get past my first color change. I didn’t want it to languish so I pulled the plug.


Instead of a written pattern, I have decided to move forward with an improvised pattern of my own. I cast on a bunch of stitches (you like my exactness? lol) and started working back and forth in stockinette. I will work 3 inch stripes of each color (black, grey, wheat, and cream) until I run out of yarn or the blanket gets big enough.

Then I plan on picking up and adding a seed stitch border in black around the outside. I’m slipping the stitches on each side so that they are easy to pick up later. I feel much better about this project and I have the mojo to keep working.

And I will donate my blanket to the local animal shelter!! It’s cold out and every fur baby deserves a good snuggle blanket. Don’t you think?

Happy Knitting!

New Years Knitting

Happy New Year!!! I hope every had a safe and fun celebration! I worked 13+ hours at my big kid job as I always do on NYE. The blessings of being an accountant at year end, oh wait! So I wasn’t feeling very festive, but I made it to Midnight for a smooch with my hubby. Then promptly off to bed 🙂

In knitting news, I have decided to do another year of stashbustin’ in 2014! And in honor of the first day of the new year, here is my first project…

Jericho Baby Blanket by Shana Schasteen



(Photo from Shana Schasteen’s ravelry page) 

This is a center out blanket made with super bulky yarn. Awhile back I discovered I had several skeins of Wool Ease Thick and Quick in black, dark grey, and cream/off white in my stash. I can’t remember why I bought them…I dislike scratchy wool. So I gave the skeins a gentle tumble in my washing machine to soften them. Thanks goodness with only minimal tangling! And off to knitting I go…

I plan to make this pattern with alternating stripes of light and dark. The four row pattern repeats offer a nice way to change colors and keeping the stripes the same And the bonus side of center out construction, I can work until I run out of yarn! Not to mention this super bulky yarn on size US 11 needles should go CRAZY fast! What better way to kick off the new year?

I don’t know what I will do with the FO? Maybe donate to the local women’s shelter or homeless shelter? I have enough blankets in my house already to fill two tote bins. This blanket is wool so the offset to being very warm is that it will require special washing care. I hate giving people items that require a lot of extra special care. Most non-fiber people I know find this very annoying…what’s a knitter to do?