A Little Humor

I’m a little light on the knitting this week. So I decided to drop a little humor this Wednesday from my favorite local winery….

Prairie Fire winery has started bottling wine margaritas…they know my weakness. Happy Wednesday!!

Bandwagon Adjacent

When I was cleaning out my knitting tote the other day, I found I have quite the collections of various kinds of knitting pins. A couple were purchased and the rest were included in prize packages or yarn orders. Now I don’t have a Fringe Supply Co Field Bag nor the desire to acquire one. But what I do have is a canvas “test” notions bag my mother made for a sample. It currently holds all my various stitch markers. I thought the plain canvas was a great foil for my bits and bobs of knitting pins. What do you think?

I don’t think I will jump on the pin collecting band wagon in full force. But when a pin finds its way to me, now I have a home for it!

Happy Knitting!!

Recovery Humor

My BFF from college sent me a care package for my surgery recovery. She is the best and completely understands what it takes to make me smile!

This coloring book is so ‘colorful’ that I literally can’t show you the inside. But use your imagination and trust that what’s inside is way worse! It may be the narcotics but this book makes me giggle and forget about the pain.

Happy Tuesday! 

A Little Dog Humor

My fur babies are TERRIBLE beggars when it comes to snacks and people food. (As an aside they only get healthy dog friendly bits like carrots, broccoli, apples, lean meats, etc.) If they behave and perform their obedience commands I save the last bits to share with them.

I usually get this right up in my face…


And this is what you get when you command him to back up and lay down…


Pathetic right?