More Uses Than Knitting

I was in a hurry this week and I didn’t have time to prep my normal “work” bag that I carry my notebooks in between work remote and in office. Being industrious I grabbed the Tannie Casey bag I picked up this summer and tossed in all my nonsense.

Everything fit nicely and I had room for my Volcano Trail cowl. I have high hopes that I can seam the back of the cowl over my lunch break!

I got several compliments on my bag choice. I don’t think I will use this bag regularly as I don’t want to stress out the leather straps with my HEAVY notebooks and planners. Yes, that is plural, I maintain more than one planner. Its a problem but I’m working on it, lol.

Happy Knitting!!

The Fat Squirrel Vortex

I got a shiny new present. I have been watching the Fat Squirrel Speaks podcast and social media channels for awhile now and saw recently that she was having an update on her bags. She came back from SSK with leftover stock, which never happens. Her bags are impeccable and kind of hard to get.

I actually remembered the time of the update and was free when it went live so I hopped on to see if it had been wiped out. It hadn’t and I saw this pink and gold treasure that needed to come live with me. The Fat Squirrel bag vortex just sucked me right in!

It’s a two to maybe three skein project sized bag with a zipper closure. Definitely good for shawls or medium sized projects. I don’t really have much in this size as I have previously only collected sock sized project bags or sweater sized bags.

She even tucked in a sachet of homegrown lavender that smelled AMAZING! If you are ever in a place to get one of her bags I do highly recommend them!