Can You Say Ambition?

I took my kiddos to my parents house for a weekend respite. I may have over packed my knitting….

I pulled out my huge 31 tote and piled in the WIPs. It was hot as hades but I pulled a nice ice cold coca cola and worked on some of my projects. In this bag I had my:

One Perfect Skein Shawl

Rainbow Fluff Habitation Throw

PB’s Birthday Blanket

Retro Rainbow Vanilla Socks

I managed to put a little work on each of them and it was a very zen knitting session. It was a nice recharge to the dumpster fire that is 2020. I kind of like my big ole bag of WIPs. I’m choosing to see them as a big pile of untapped potential. Maybe it is too much ambition? But I’m excited to see what happens.

Happy Knitting!!

Clutter and Junk

This past weekend I celebrated both the birthday of special princess and that of my very own husband. The hubby turned 30….shhhhhh. There was a great deal of planning leading up to this as he requested a LAN party with his friends. For those of you not in the nerdy know….that’s where a bunch of people show up at your house with their xbox and television, hook up on the household network, and play video games and drink till dawn.

Of course I purchased the obligatory cake, made homemade taco soup, and cream cheese and jalapeno spread for our guests. Not to mention scrubbing the house top to bottom. Boy, does my house collect clutter (and dog hair). I have a deep and profound hatred of clutter. It literally makes me grumpy at the sight of it. So let’s just say that preparing for the party did nothing for my mood on Saturday. I also didn’t get any of my normal workouts in due to Halloween on Thursday and party preparation on Saturday.

(Side Note: I would also like to mention that one of the party goers, after about 4 drinks, thought he knew how to “unlock” our alarm system. He succeed in sending not one but THREE silent alarms to the police. Who subsequently showed up at my door along with my neighbor across the street how works for the department as well….whoops! I was not NOT a happy camper. But now I can honestly say I’ve had a party where the cops show up. But all kidding aside, the officer was kind and polite and had a pretty decent response time…..)

Then there was the junk. Between the birthday lunch for a 1 year old where pizza and cupcakes were served and then the big kid party at my house where the above mentioned was served, I consumed copious amounts of refined sugar, carbohydrates, and alcohol. And it was all DARN TASTY! But it left me feeling lethargic and in a funk on Sunday. In my general life I do not abstain from those things, but I do consume them in moderation. And like it or not, they have an impact on my general well being.

Literally on Sunday I was agitated and listless all day. I HATE feeling that way. And here’s the kicker……I DIDN’T EVEN WANT TO KNIT! I’ll pause for your gasps of shock and horror………………………………………..

So I picked myself up by the shoelaces and set out on a long walk with the dogs. I took a lot of deep breaths, took in the beautiful fall landscape, and just spent a quiet 45 minutes with the dogs. And after our walk, I fixed a light romaine salad with diced chicken and lots of veggies and a side of Greek yogurt with a splash flax seed on top. Not to mention about five glasses of water. Not to mention a lovely cup of caffeine free herbal tea at bedtime to soothe my fragile nerves.

I guess this has been a long way around of saying…I don’t really have anything knitting related to show today and I have my grumpy/tired pants on. I will however attempt to put my big girl pants on and improve my mood. Though I have plans to pick up the needles on my Nutmeg Sweater and my Toe-Up sock this week.

I wish all you out there a week of happiness and healthfulness!

Best Laid Plans


Hey! My name is Bella. I see that you are trying to knit. I think that’s really cool. Can I smell it?! Can I sit my butt directly on top of it and wiggle non stop!? Can I climb all over you so that you make sure to love on me?


Here is my buddy Barley. He would very much like to use your legs as a pillow and take up 75% of the couch. He would also appreciate if you didn’t move around a lot. He weighs 100 lbs so I doubt you will be able to move anyway.


We are so glad you came to visit!! Can we take a nap now? Oh…wait someone crinkled cellophane in the kitchen. We must investigate!!!!!

(This is pretty much what happened every time I sat on the couch to knit this past weekend. I love my mom’s dogs but needless to say I did not finish my zig zag blanket. No worries I have made progress since then and I have 1 1/2 pattern repeats and the border to complete!)

Ps. I had a wonderful time with the family celebrating Grandma’s 80th back home this past weekend. Food, wine, and fun! I even have the extra 5lbs to prove it….