Crafting Heritage

My Grandma Leta passed away almost three years ago. And as it happens we are still going through boxes and memories. I got a little treat from my Aunt on a recent visit…

All my Grandma’s crochet hooks all neatly contained in her satin needle organizer. I’m not much of a crochet person but I like knowing I have a piece of grandma in my craft bag.

But the really cool piece is this…

This is a hand carved wooden crochet hook that belonged to my Great Grandma Ola. Best guess this is somewhere around 60-70 years old. It’s well worn and smooth. My aunt thinks my Grandpa or Great-Grandpa made this for Ola. How cool is that? I’m thinking of mounting this in a small shadow box to hang in my craft room.

Happy Crafting!!

FO: Zig Zag Baby Blanket

Warning: this post may get a bit mushy!

My Zig Zag Blanket is complete!!!


It turned out a bit more square than rectangle, but then again so am! The Bernat Cottontots Solid is butter soft but yet washable! The pattern was easy to memorize but yet so complicated looking. I couldn’t put this project down!


I did a lot of thinking during this blanket. First off, this blanket is made for a fellow knitter and her firstborn. I kept thinking “She’s going to love this! Even better she’s going to truly understand how much energy and time went into each stitch” There is just something so inherently different in knitting for a knitter. Not that I’m saying knitting for the general public isn’t fun! It’s just that I pour so much of myself into my projects I almost hate to part with them. I’m a process knitter, I can look at a piece and know exactly what I was doing and thinking while I was knitting it. The process of making the FO is what’s important to me, the love that woven with each knit and purl. Only a knitter understands this obsession and it feels good to be understood and appreciated!


This blanket will forever be linked to my memory of my Grandma Leta. She passed while I was working on this project. I couldn’t help but hope the little baby girl who gets this will love her Grandma just as much. This blanket was good therapy as I worked through grief and sadness. Knitting goes a long way to heal any kind of wound. It doesn’t cover it up or erase it as much as it soothes and eases. (See I told you this was going to get sappy!)


Stitch after stitch, knitting goes on. Just like life. I miss Grandma but I also can’t wait to meet sweet baby Lazo. Sweet and sad at the same time. Knitting is such an integral part of life I’d feel lost without it. Now on to my other WIPs, I’ve got more love to share!!!

Happy Knitting

Best Laid Plans


Hey! My name is Bella. I see that you are trying to knit. I think that’s really cool. Can I smell it?! Can I sit my butt directly on top of it and wiggle non stop!? Can I climb all over you so that you make sure to love on me?


Here is my buddy Barley. He would very much like to use your legs as a pillow and take up 75% of the couch. He would also appreciate if you didn’t move around a lot. He weighs 100 lbs so I doubt you will be able to move anyway.


We are so glad you came to visit!! Can we take a nap now? Oh…wait someone crinkled cellophane in the kitchen. We must investigate!!!!!

(This is pretty much what happened every time I sat on the couch to knit this past weekend. I love my mom’s dogs but needless to say I did not finish my zig zag blanket. No worries I have made progress since then and I have 1 1/2 pattern repeats and the border to complete!)

Ps. I had a wonderful time with the family celebrating Grandma’s 80th back home this past weekend. Food, wine, and fun! I even have the extra 5lbs to prove it….

Status Update: Chevron Baby Blanket

Finally some progress on stashbustin’ #7!


This pattern by the Purl Bee is addictive! This is my second go round with this pattern and its just as good as the first. This is my “calm before bed knitting”. I work a few rows every night and I’m almost done with my third stripe!


This pattern makes me think of the Peanuts cartoon for some reason. I find peace and the ability to meditate while working on it. It’s really helping me deal with my Grandmothers passing. Slow and steady progress as row after row of stitches form on my needles. Nothing complicated, just garter stitch beauty.

I’ll be sad when this blanket is finished but I can’t wait to see the end result!

Now I am off to pack for another weekend family event (a much happier one). My other grandmother is turning 80! We are going to let our hair down and stuff ourselves silly! So I’m off to land of little to no cell coverage and no wifi, see you on the other side!!


I was a major grumpapatimas yesterday…(learned that term from Archie, Jo’s son in The Beach Street Knitting and Yarn Society)

The weather was gloomy and turned quite cold all of a sudden. My reports at work weren’t balancing and I had a stiff neck from hunching over them. My schedule has been brutal lately and I’m just overwhelmed and exhausted.

I decided i was tired of being grumpy, so I decided to do something about it! First, I called my Grandma Genevieve as soon as I got home from work. She is an amazing woman and such a big part of my life that a thousand blog posts couldn’t even begin to cover my feelings about her! She listens to my troubles, applauds my accomplishments, and loves me for who I am.

(This was 10 years ago when I graduated and she is still just as gorgeous!)

After 45 minutes on the phone with her I could start to feel the grump fall off. Next, I wrapped myself in something hand knit! I splurged on some expensive alpaca yarn last year and knit myself a Honey Cowl by Madelintosh. Nothing soothes the soul like luxurious soft hand knits on a cold gloomy day. I mean that’s why we all knit right? This pattern was easy yet interesting and really fun to make.

After wrapping up to ward off the chill, I packed up the pooches and headed off to the park for some frisbee with my beloved!


After a few good chucks of the disc both the hubby and I felt a lot better! And we wore out our energizer bunny of a lab.

I guess the morale of my story is that no bad day can withstand the power of family, good knitting, and puppy love. Seriously, how can you be grumpy around this face?


TGIF and Happy Knitting!

P.S. FO alert
I finished the boot cuffs for my boots and started the scarf today. Here’s a sneak peek!