Etsy Made It Right

I am going to confess something.  While I am a crafty person I am not a Pinterest Mom. I am more of an Amazon Prime mom. I had gone to Etsy to order birthday invites for Jellybean’s fifth birthday. And it was my first experience with a bad seller. I spent a decent chunk of money and never got my product. The shop closed up and I couldn’t even complain or contact them.

I contacted Etsy and they helped me navigate my issue. We couldn’t get a hold of the seller so they gave me Etsy credit equal to what I had lost. So of course I used that credit towards a new knitting bag. I mean duh!


I picked a sweater sized bag with mermaids and sea life all over. Jellybean may have helped me pick the fabric, lol. Nevertheless, its well made inside and out. And will hold a multi-skein project and notions. My favorite part is the inside. I love the rainbow fish scale print!


Good customer service goes a long way with me. Help me out and make things right and you will have a customer for life. Have you ever been burned with an online purchase?

3 thoughts on “Etsy Made It Right

  1. That’s a wonderful bag. I’m so sorry you had a bad experience. I’ve been purchasing on Etsy for a decade and I’ve never had a bad experience. I’m not a Pinterest mom either. Nor do I scrapbook.

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