Dusting Off The Memory Blanket

After blocking my Progression Shawl I had enough scraps left of the various colors to knit a square into my memory blanket. And I just couldn’t resist doing it RIGHT away.

It’s kind of cut out of the photo but it’s the newest square towards the top right. This blanket is starting to cover a sizable amount of my king sized bead. And I still have a BUNCH of scraps to work through. I feel like cackling like an evil genius…..

Happy Knitting!!

4 thoughts on “Dusting Off The Memory Blanket

  1. I recently pulled my fingering weight 10 stitch out so I can begin working on it again. I even bought new needles for it, since I found one in the bag snapped in half! I’ve even been looking over some of my balls of scrap sock yarn to add next, but haven’t touched it yet, lol. These make great projects, though.

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