Palette Cleanser

My knitting mojo has hit a lull post Christmas. Don’t get me wrong, Christmas was good and my kids only saw the magic. But there was some unforeseen hospital stays (no need for alarm everyone is doing okay), so much driving and vomiting in between opening presents on Christmas morning. And I ended up doing the brunt of the Christmas prep, cooking, cleaning and running interference between all the grumpy people in my extended family.

I am just plain worn out and I’m slightly concerned my cold turned into bronchitis. So I decided to ignore all my WIPs and pull out my comfort project. My memory scrap blanket that I probably haven’t touched since this past summer. It’s just a nice palette cleanser and it felt nice and warm on my lap as I caught up on Vlogmans videos and knit happily away in garter.

Do you have a palette cleanser project?

4 thoughts on “Palette Cleanser

  1. Glad everyone is ok. I understand medical and hospital junk in the middle of holidays can be exhausting. I hope you feel better soon.
    I love your memory blanket and it’s so great you have it for palette-cleansing when needed.
    I don’t have one such project (though I wish I did); it tends to be a one-off dishcloth/spa cloth or coaster that I’ll cast on and use for mindless knitting when I need something small and/or something super portable, that it’s hard to mess up. Or, if I do mess up I’m more likely to keep going instead of tinkijg and reknitting.

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