More Cherry Jam

Summer in Kansas is in full swing! During a recent trip to my parents house I noticed the cherry trees were ripe and ready to go. Two and a half hours later and five large ice cream buckets later, this pregnant lady was hot and tired. And, I might note, the three trees were only half picked!

As reward for my sweaty work I went home with two buckets of pitted and washed fruit. My most favorite jam of all time is cherry. So after a quick trip to the grocery store for sugar and pectin. I transformed all that fruit into jar after jar of delicious jam. Three hours and some swollen ankles I have this…


8 thoughts on “More Cherry Jam

  1. The crop for my altitude is apples. You’ve inspired me, out there picking cherries, pregnant and all! Come fall, I’ll be looking for the apple orchards…

  2. I wish I knew how to make jam. Is it easy enough to do? And cherries…I love them, esp Renier cherries but they are expensive once they’re imported here.

      • Thanks. Must try to find pectin here, have not seen it before. Also need to figure out where to get good fresh quality fruit here. Not keen on making date jam.

  3. Yummy! They’re in season here too, and we keep having grand plans of jams and pies, but usually by the time we get around to being ready to cook with them, we realize we’ve already snacked the basket pretty much empty!

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