Wine Time

I have the good fortune of making friends who happen to have cool jobs. My friends from my grad school days opened a winery about 5 years ago. Its Prairie Fire Winery located on I-70 west of Topeka. They make all their wine from only Kansas grown grapes. And last weekend they hosted a grape harvest event and I scored a ticket! Thought I would share a few photos from the event. Salud!

White wine sangria….mmm

Flint Hills view 

Me sweaty after harvest

The lovely grapes 

A robins nest tucked in the vines
The happy group!

Now What?

Remember my apple trees? Well it’s harvest time…



I now have two five gallon buckets of apples. And I only picked half of one tree!!! There are a few gems in there but mostly they are all covered in worm/bug/bird marks. It’s going to take a lot to dice and clean these babies up. For now they are bathed and chilling in my fridge.

My question is now what? What you guys make with all these green apples? My leading preservation options are:

– apple butter

– apple sauce

– apple pie filling

Anything else sound good?

Harvest Has Begun!


Kansas has officially turned golden! Its wheat harvest time baby!! This is one of my favorite times of year with hues of golden wheat as far as the eye can see. Which is pretty far considering the flatness of the prairie, lol.

I snapped a few photos on our drive home from a wedding last weekend. I can’t get enough of golden grain against green grass and deep blue skies. If you listen closely you can hear the combines starting their throaty rumble and lumbering out into the fields…




Just a little cheer from The Wheat State on this Thursday!!