Boxy Separation

I am at the sleeve separation in my Worsted Boxy I forgot to move my progress keeper from earlier this week but I know I added roughly three and a half inches of stockinette to get to the desired length. I did stop right before the pattern recommendation but I know my Berroco yarn will grow when I wash and block.

And I pulled even more cord stoppers out from interchangeable set and put the back stitches on holders. Look at me being a responsible knitter and using tools as they are prescribed!

Now I’m off to Knit and Purl Island for several more inches on the front. I am going to try and pay attention now that I’m working flat to make sure my gauge doesn’t go all wack-a-doodle. I hate when I get a line in my fabric when I switch form flat to the round. Not enough to fix it, heaven forbid, but enough to make a nice harrumph out loud.

Happy Knitting!!

Harvest Has Begun!


Kansas has officially turned golden! Its wheat harvest time baby!! This is one of my favorite times of year with hues of golden wheat as far as the eye can see. Which is pretty far considering the flatness of the prairie, lol.

I snapped a few photos on our drive home from a wedding last weekend. I can’t get enough of golden grain against green grass and deep blue skies. If you listen closely you can hear the combines starting their throaty rumble and lumbering out into the fields…




Just a little cheer from The Wheat State on this Thursday!!