WIP Wednesday: Simple Raglan Cardi

Update for Stashbustin’ #11


(Sorry for the photo it was late and I had no natural light)

I’VE FINALLY DIVIDED FOR THE BODY! It actually looks like a sweater!!

This is my first top down/raglan sweater attempt. And I’m perty darn proud. I may have made a few mistakes but only I will know they are there. The pattern has been pretty easy to follow, rav page here.


I love the yarn over detail at the shoulders. I am now left to complete 4 1/2 inches of stockinette body, 2 1/2 inches of body ribbing, both sleeves, and the ribbing along the front edges. I still have aways to go but I love this project and I’m addicted!

So far it it fits without needing to alter the pattern, fingers crossed!

What’s your current project addiction?

5 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday: Simple Raglan Cardi

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