Audition Adventures

One of my favorite hobbies next to knitting is theater. Where else can you get up on stage and pretend
to be someone else, act a fool, or be a villain, or just make people laugh. I started theater as a freshman
in high school (ahem….14 years ago this coming may….) and I was hooked. I was lucky enough to get
parts in productions in college and then live in a community that has not one but four local theaters
to volunteer at. I love being on stage and working behind the scenes, just as long as I’m involved I’m


Tonight I’m auditioning for “Perfect Wedding” at a local theatre, a farce comedy about the trials and
tribulations of getting married and all the possible things that can go wrong. Its bad juju to wish an
actress good luck, always say “break a leg”. Break a leg stems from Shakespearian theatre and refers to
having to “break” or bend your leg to pick up the coins or trinkets patrons would throw on stage for a
successful performance. Oh the random pieces of information my brain hold, lol.

Hope you are off to a great Monday!