Memory Test


Soooo many lines….

Let me rephrase, soooo many one word lines!

This week marks our first week “off book” at A Perfect Wedding. Eeek, we are bad thus far with memory. This show has a lot of slapstick comedy and one word zingers. Pace and delivery are really important. Right now we don’t have it.

One of my cast mates struggles with memory and hasn’t been able to study as much as he needs. We are trying to help but he tells a lot of the “story”, especially in act one. So as characters we can’t do that for him. And once we lose that pace or drop cue lines, the rest of us struggle as well. I have faith that we will get there and we are going to help each other. But gosh it’s like slogging through mud right now.

On Monday and Tuesday we labored through act one. Last night and tonight we is the same for act two. A bit of meditation may be in order….

On the knitting front all this rehearsal time and frustration coupled with some long boring seminars at work have let me make incredible progress on my cardigan! It’s not complete but I hope to post a promising update tomorrow!

Right now I need to find a few quiet minutes with my script. I need all the help I can get!

Rehearsal: A Perfect Wedding!

I’m pleased to report that I got cast in Auburn Community Theater’s A Perfect Wedding!

(Photo from ACT website)

I play Rachel, a bride marrying her high school sweetheart, who gets caught up in a love quadrangle on the day of her wedding. This farcical comedy is hilarious!!! My fiancé sleeps with his best friends girlfriend, who then pretends to be a maid, while the maid pretends to be the girlfriend, and the best man is actually in love with the bride! At one point or another we all get to yell and hit someone else with a toilet brush, lol. Trust me its beyond funny.

I cannot wait to get this show on its feet! Rehearsals started this week so my schedule is packed. I hope to be able to keep you all updated on my theater adventures AND my knitting along the way!!