Crafting At A Wedding

My husband was asked to be soloist for a wedding ceremony by some dear friends. While it was a bit breezy in KS for an outdoor wedding, we persevered!! The bride is a fellow actress and fiber artist. So of course she thought of activity books for the wedding reception. I did a little coloring and photography to kill some time after dinner but before the dance.






It was very nice to have a date night with the husband. I even managed a few rows on a new project. Hopefully I have a few more rows complete this week to have enough to share!



My favorite part? The whole wedding part and assorted friends did the Time Warp dance from Rocky Horror Picture Show. I love to going to weddings of theatre people!



The Bride and Groom look so in love and it was a very beautiful day!


Date Night and Wedded Bliss

We had a glorious time at our friends wedding last weekend. It was hot as hades and I may have had sweat dripping from everywhere, but it was a fun night and two awesome people got married! Here are a few snaps I took of us, the decor (very jealous of the lanterns btw), and cold beverages….







The hubs and I have our sixth wedding anniversary on Sunday. We have big plans to eat good food, drink some wine, and DO NOTHING! Ah…married life thy are divine!!

Rehearsal: A Perfect Wedding!

I’m pleased to report that I got cast in Auburn Community Theater’s A Perfect Wedding!

(Photo from ACT website)

I play Rachel, a bride marrying her high school sweetheart, who gets caught up in a love quadrangle on the day of her wedding. This farcical comedy is hilarious!!! My fiancé sleeps with his best friends girlfriend, who then pretends to be a maid, while the maid pretends to be the girlfriend, and the best man is actually in love with the bride! At one point or another we all get to yell and hit someone else with a toilet brush, lol. Trust me its beyond funny.

I cannot wait to get this show on its feet! Rehearsals started this week so my schedule is packed. I hope to be able to keep you all updated on my theater adventures AND my knitting along the way!!