Happy Anniversary To Me!

Happy Anniversary to me! I have been jotting down my thoughts on this blog for 11 years. Fairly certain that is longer than I’ve stuck to anything!!

Thank you all for coming along for the ride. I love that I have this space to share my crafty content so that my loved ones don’t have to bombarded with it all the time. Here’s to many more years of sending my knitting vibes out into the universe!

Happy Knitting!!

Anniversary Yarn

The hubby and I recently celebrated the big 1-0 wedding anniversary. We had a weekend away in Kansas City that involved BBQ, baseball and no 6 am toddler wake up call. He also told me to pick out a skein of yarn and he would buy it for souvenir yarn. (He knows the importance of such a thing.) Well we didn’t have any shops open nearby so of course I hit Etsy. I had seen that KirbyWirby had put a few OOAK skeins up and guys…..I grabbed one!

I got a prototype skein of her self-striping in the Unizebracorn color. This yarn will forever be anniversary yarn in my ❤️

Happy Knitting!!

Batter Up!

The hubby and I stole some special time to celebrate our forthcoming 9th wedding anniversary. We live close enough to Kansas City that we made a BBQ and baseball date!

The rain held off and the Royals even won!

I snuck in the obligatory “knitting” at the ballpark…

I’ll catch you up on this new project later this week. Happy Knitting!!

One Year Anniversary!!!

Holy Crap, I missed my one year blog anniversary. I was so distracted by fiber that I completely missed the date in August. Oh well, that’s kind of the point of knitting right?

I should have some terribly eloquent post composed about the last year. But to be honest my life has been so wonderfully busy that I got nothing…I mean I did lots of stuff don’t get me wrong. In the past year I have:

  • moved into our first home with my husband
  • learned to use double pointed needles
  • tried to cull my stash of yarn
  • learned to make sweaters
  • performed in two plays on stage
  • started a blog 🙂
  • spent many wonderful hours enjoying my husband and fur children
  • traveled to spend time with old friends
  • hung out with my crazy family
  • cooked many wonderful meals

That’s it….that’s all I got. But I hope you stick around to see what comes next. Even I don’t know what it is, lol!

Hears hoping to another wonderful year!!!

Date Night and Wedded Bliss

We had a glorious time at our friends wedding last weekend. It was hot as hades and I may have had sweat dripping from everywhere, but it was a fun night and two awesome people got married! Here are a few snaps I took of us, the decor (very jealous of the lanterns btw), and cold beverages….







The hubs and I have our sixth wedding anniversary on Sunday. We have big plans to eat good food, drink some wine, and DO NOTHING! Ah…married life thy are divine!!