Batter Up!

The hubby and I stole some special time to celebrate our forthcoming 9th wedding anniversary. We live close enough to Kansas City that we made a BBQ and baseball date!

The rain held off and the Royals even won!

I snuck in the obligatory “knitting” at the ballpark…

I’ll catch you up on this new project later this week. Happy Knitting!!

WIP Wednesday: Go Patriots! Socks

Just a quick flyby up date on my Go Patriots! Socks.

This is A LOT of tiny stitches. I really want these to be done by the Super Bowl to count for the #dcspigskinparty2015. But I’m not sure I’ll get there. I don’t want rush so much that I stress myself out. This yarn from Berry Colorful Yarning is to die for! And the stripes are just so….stripey!

I’m still not sold on the black toes but my husband likes it. Pretty sure I will continue to complain about it until these are off my needles, lol. What’s a knitter to do but to keep knitting! 

Happy Knitting!

A Plan For Husband Socks

My previous attempt at Husband Socks were a little lackluster. My hubby has size a 12/13 US shoe size. His foot is literally 11 inches long so that’s a LOT of tiny stitches. I’ve thus far not been very excited about knitting for his tootsies. But he’s been quietly hinting that he’d like warm socks. So I put my big girl pants on and made a new plan!

Thicker yarn + bigger needles = faster socks

I had some Cascade Heritage Prints in my stash that is a heavier fingering weight. And I pulled out my size 2 US 9″ inch circs from my birthday.

These are toe up vanillas with 72 stitches on the US 2s. These are flying!! The sharp points of the Hiya Hiya needles really help I’m finding. The pic above is just a couple of hours of leisurely car knitting. Fingers crossed these will keep flying along because it would be a great jumpstart to my 2016 Wishlist!

Happy Knitting and Happy New Year!!

Husband Socks: Take Two

I put my first husband sock aside and started #2! Thanks to some recent windshield time and a date to the Avengers: Age of Ulton with my husband I’ve made some progress!

I worked this far up to lunch yesterday! Only a bit of 2×2 rib and bind off to go!  Tonight after Jellybean went to bed I finished! The husband even modeled them (sort of). Dex of course was not to be left out! The socks fit much better but still loose at the top. Good enough for now but the next pair shall need some tweaking. And now of course, back to the first sock…

  Le sigh
Happy Knitting!

Not FO Friday

The first husband sock is done…sort of….  I worked for six inches past the heel and then used a stretchy bind off. I didn’t alter the ribbing for a cuff. Turns out that was dumb! 

 Upon putting it on his foot the hubby found it to be too loose and the top rolled down. I threw in about four evenly spaced increases that need to come out and I need to devise some sort of ribbed cuff for structure. What do you think? 2×2….3×3? These things I must ponder. 

Good news is that at least I’m moving along on the foot of sock #2! I’m six inches of nine total foot knitting. These things might be done soon. Sigh, just as soon as I unpick and rework sock #1. Or maybe I’ll put it in time out until #2 is done, lol.

Happy Knitting! 

A Heel For My Husband

My husband sock has a heel!

The 3×1 ribbing was very fiddly to pick up especially in dark yarn. But I got there! 

 And all in all I was left with a very nice stockinette heel via the afterthought heel. And my Kitchener is getting much better if I do say so myself. (Though I still look up directions every single time.) 


 I’m hoping by weeks end to have a complete sock for the hubby to try on. Fingers crossed anyway!

Happy Knitting!

WIP Wednesday: Husband Socks


I have a good start on one toe of my husband socks! Next up is to cast on the other toe so I don’t forget what I did, lol. (I like to work my socks “two at a time” even though are on separate needles. Keep my pairs and gauge matching better.)

I’m using Knit Picks Stroll in merlot heather. It’s different than the Felici self-striping I had been using. But in a good way. It’s very pleasing to the touch but yet very strong and no splitting so far. The one downside is the dark color, boy is this hard to knit at night when you are tired! Those tiny stitches escape my eyes.

Happy Knitting!

A Recipe For My Husband’s Socks

Recently my hubby asked for hand knit socks. This is the FIRST time he’s ever requested or even indicated he’d wear a hand knit. So of course I’m happy to comply. Well he’s a size 12 US shoe so I might be less happy when I’m knitting forever!

I used my Very Berry Vanilla Socks as a gauge swatch and measured the aforementioned giant feet. That’s a lot of stockinette so I decided a simple ribbed sock was in order. Not to mention it would give the fabric a little leeway with the stretch. Here’s the “recipe” I came up with:

Husband Ribbed Socks

CO 24 stitches (I prefer the figure 8 method)
Knit one round
K1, incr 1, knit to last two stitches on needle, incr1, k1. Repeat for second needle
Repeat these two rows until I’ve got 80 stitches total.
Work in K3,P1 pattern for 9 inches (from cast on edge).
Insert lifeline for some sort of afterthought heel across 40 stitches.
Continue to work in K3,P1 pattern until 2 inches short of total sock.
Work in K1,P1 or K2,P2 for cuff for 2 inches.
Decide on and Insert heel.

Sounds good right? Fingers crossed it works! And I’ve got the yarn narrowed down to some kind of Opal or Knit Picks Stroll. Oh the choices!

(Ps. I’m blogging this “recipe” more as a helper/reminder to myself and not so much as a published pattern. Be warned this has not been tested so knitter beware if you attempt it!)

Mr. Fix-It

I love my husband very much. And he has really dove head first into this whole homeownership thing. Two of our three showers have issues with their knobs. Including my husband’s preferred shower.

So he decided to fix it….



Right now the master water valve is shut off. The bathroom is covered in tools. And the husband is on his FOURTH trip to the home improvement store. And I have to get ready later this afternoon for my opening night performance of my play.

Sigh, anybody have a shower I can borrow, lol?