A Recipe For My Husband’s Socks

Recently my hubby asked for hand knit socks. This is the FIRST time he’s ever requested or even indicated he’d wear a hand knit. So of course I’m happy to comply. Well he’s a size 12 US shoe so I might be less happy when I’m knitting forever!

I used my Very Berry Vanilla Socks as a gauge swatch and measured the aforementioned giant feet. That’s a lot of stockinette so I decided a simple ribbed sock was in order. Not to mention it would give the fabric a little leeway with the stretch. Here’s the “recipe” I came up with:

Husband Ribbed Socks

CO 24 stitches (I prefer the figure 8 method)
Knit one round
K1, incr 1, knit to last two stitches on needle, incr1, k1. Repeat for second needle
Repeat these two rows until I’ve got 80 stitches total.
Work in K3,P1 pattern for 9 inches (from cast on edge).
Insert lifeline for some sort of afterthought heel across 40 stitches.
Continue to work in K3,P1 pattern until 2 inches short of total sock.
Work in K1,P1 or K2,P2 for cuff for 2 inches.
Decide on and Insert heel.

Sounds good right? Fingers crossed it works! And I’ve got the yarn narrowed down to some kind of Opal or Knit Picks Stroll. Oh the choices!

(Ps. I’m blogging this “recipe” more as a helper/reminder to myself and not so much as a published pattern. Be warned this has not been tested so knitter beware if you attempt it!)

5 thoughts on “A Recipe For My Husband’s Socks

  1. I have done this in the past too – create a blog post as a reminder for myself later and hopefully it helps another knitter!

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