Steam Is The Answer

The recent bout of germs around this house motivated to tackle a long overdue project….the family bath tub. This WHITE shower has seen so many bath crayons, bath paint, fizzy tabs and god knows what else. Jellybean cleans this regularly but not to the deep stain level. I couldn’t stand it anymore.

I first scrubbed the whole lot down with a mixture of baking soda and hydrogen peroxide to get the surface stains clean. I then ran a Mr. Clean sponge over the lot to get rid of the grit and wash everything down. Next up, I hit the grout lines and the underside of the bath mat with a Bissel hand held steamer. Following this I soaked all bath toys in a bleach bath and then rinsed thoroughly. (A few were to far gone and got chucked). Lastly I took a white grout pen and marked over the remaining stubborn stains.

Y’all….my tub has never looks so nice! and what came out was so gross. There are few mildew spots in the corners I need some specialized cleaner for but this is marked progress. I may not be the most consistent housekeeping but damn if I’m not thorough when I find a project!

Happy Tuesday!

Mr. Fix-It

I love my husband very much. And he has really dove head first into this whole homeownership thing. Two of our three showers have issues with their knobs. Including my husband’s preferred shower.

So he decided to fix it….



Right now the master water valve is shut off. The bathroom is covered in tools. And the husband is on his FOURTH trip to the home improvement store. And I have to get ready later this afternoon for my opening night performance of my play.

Sigh, anybody have a shower I can borrow, lol?