A Quick Tutu

My daycare provider is about to be a first time grandma. Her daughter is having a little baby girl in October. Both of these ladies hold a special place in my heart because they love my children almost as much as I do. So of course I needed to knit something!

I made a quick Lexi’s Knitted Tutu by Ashlee Lackovic this past weekend. I just grabbed some Caron Simply Soft acrylic for the waistband and some leftover Red Heart Boutique Sashay multicolor. This is just such a quick knit and it ends up looking more complicated that it actually is.

I finished off with some eggshell colored ribbon to make the waist tie. I think beginning to end this maybe took me an hour? The newborn size is like like 40 rounds of knitting. I can’t wait to wrap this precious gift up!

Happy Knitting!!

A Pair of Tutus

While not so patiently waiting for my baby sweater yarn to arrive I decided to crank out another wish list baby item.  I managed to make two tutus for PB!

The top soft pink and purple tutu is the standard newborn size from the Lexi’s Knitted Tutu pattern. It’s a good size but I wanted something for my hospital bag and photos so I made a “modified newborn” in the circus/rainbow colors that took the stitch count down a bit. I’m really pleased with both! The bottom rainbow one will fit for like three seconds but that’s all I really need it for anyway, lol.

And it was super satisfying to scratch something off my pre-baby to do list. We didn’t find out Jellybean’s gender so I didn’t have any cute knits tucked into my hospital bag. Not that it mattered one way or the other at the time. But this time it feels right and special. I’m one happy momma to be!

Happy Knitting!!

The Best Laid Plans

PB’s due date is marching ever closer. I had grand plans to knit this baby girl a little trousseau to herald her entrance into this world. But guess what….I’m a working mom with an active 3 year old who stubbornly refuses to sleep consistently or potty train and a husband who is well…..a typical husband. I’m quite frankly going to be lucky to finish her Baby Vertebrae, a hospital hat, and maybe one other thing.

One item that is important to me is a tutu. I know we will take newborn photos of her and I really want yarn to be involved a little bit for this one. I was too in the weeds of new motherhood with Jellybean to have this thought. So I am going to make up at least one if not two Lexi’s Knitted Tutu by Ashlee Lackovic. I have literally made this pattern 20 times already so I know it’s a good one.

I’m thinking a bright rainbow one and a more subtle gold/brown one. I pulled the yarn from stash already. Now I just need needles, project bag and the mojo to crank these out before PB’s arrival, lol! Wish me luck!

Happy Knitting!!

Springtime Tutu

Let me tantalize you with this pretty spring tutu before I tell you I’m a bad knitter

 This tutu was supposed to be completed before Valentines Day for a beautiful little girl who turned one. I had a bit of knitting ennui and just couldn’t bring myself to start this project. It’s now almost April and I have poked myself in the rear with some DPNs and got started. I’m ridiculous because these tutus take no time at all. The pattern is great and I highly recommend it.
 I’ve got the package all wrapped ready to deliver. I did make the biggest size in the pattern so maybe the sweet little girl can get the most wear out of it possible. Or at the very least use it for dolly dress up as she grows.

Happy Knitting!

Knitting and Waiting


I behaved yesterday evening. My mother and aunt went in to Joanns for a shopping trip. I waited patiently in the car with my knitting and my coffee. I got a last minute birthday party invite for a beautiful little 1 year old. I think she deserves a tutu!

By the way this project made me feel like a knitter with a capital K! I was able to go to my stash and find both the yarn I needed in coordinating colors, the printed out pattern, and a project bag to fit it in. All in under 10 minutes!  I was even able to cast on right away. Such satisfaction 🎉

Happy Knitting!

FO Friday: Another Tutu

Tis baby season in these parts! I have three baby showers coming up. And lest I get caught with my circulars around my ankles, I started early. As part of my cast on storm this week I started a tutu (pattern by Smashlee Stitches)

These are so smart looking and easy to make. Totally my go to baby girl gift. (And a great stash buster for all the ruffle yarn I stashed when the scarves were all the rage, lol.)

TGIF and Happy Knitting!

A Cast On Storm

It’s almost July and summer is in full swing. But I can’t help but think towards fall. I really want jellybean to have some hand knits. I have the itch for a couple of hats and at least one sweater. I also have at least two baby showers coming up. This has led to a bout of start-itis this past weekend. 

I cast on a Knit Tutu from Smashlee. It’s a pink number for a baby girl due I’m September.

Next up is a Dino Cap by Kris Hanson jellybean. I’m knitting the two year old size in some Caron Simply Soft from my stash in hunter green and chocolate brown. I’ve already messed up the pattern but I’m soldiering on.


Last up is Double Rib Toddler hat by Torunn Espe. I pulled some Berroco Comfort DK Solids from my stash in blue and minty blue-ish?

Now I have more projects than I have hands and time. So this should end well, lol!

Happy Knitting!

FO Friday: A Camo Tutu

I whipped up a real quick FO this week. One of my FAVORITE baby patterns and go-to shower presents is the Knit Tutu from Smashlee Stitches.

This is Red Heart sashay yarn in Conga and a teensy bit of leftover Knit Picks Swish Worsted for the waist band. Topped it all off with a bit of remnant gold ribbon. I finished this up in a day and all my details are here. I’ve literally  made over a dozen of these and highly recommend the pattern as it’s very easy to follow.

Now I’m off to get this in the mail and winging on the way to the new momma to be! They are HUGE outdoors people and I figure the little princess they are adding to the family deserves her own tutu….in camo of course!

Happy Knitting!!

A Princess Turns 1!!

FO Friday!

I interrupt your regularly scheduled programming to bring you a super adorable FO…


A very special little princess turns one year old on October 31. Her momma asked for a sparkly K-state purple tutu to complete her fairy costume for her birthday.


I was only too happy to oblige! It does a knitters heart good to see their knitted bits go to good homes. Happy Friday to all!!

FO Friday: Patriotic Tutus!

I am blessed to have many friends who let me lavish their children with hand knit love. One of my husband and I’s favorite couples recently found out that their second baby is going to be a girl. And I just couldn’t resist matching tutus!!! I found the most adorable red, white, and blue ruffle yarn from Premier…

First up a 0-3 months size….



And then a matching 2-3 year old size…



Their mom is going to flip when she sees these!!! I hope she will snap some photos of the pair so that I can share with you guys. Of course I will have to wait until baby #2 actually gets here, lol. Well I’m off to put these and a couple more secret presents (can’t share those because the recipients read this blog) in the mail.

I gotta hustle too because my parents, sister, and aunt are visiting for weekend and we have a Kansas City Royals game to get to!! (Don’t worry, I packed a knitting project so I can stitch while they pitch!!!)