The Best Laid Plans

PB’s due date is marching ever closer. I had grand plans to knit this baby girl a little trousseau to herald her entrance into this world. But guess what….I’m a working mom with an active 3 year old who stubbornly refuses to sleep consistently or potty train and a husband who is well…..a typical husband. I’m quite frankly going to be lucky to finish her Baby Vertebrae, a hospital hat, and maybe one other thing.

One item that is important to me is a tutu. I know we will take newborn photos of her and I really want yarn to be involved a little bit for this one. I was too in the weeds of new motherhood with Jellybean to have this thought. So I am going to make up at least one if not two Lexi’s Knitted Tutu by Ashlee Lackovic. I have literally made this pattern 20 times already so I know it’s a good one.

I’m thinking a bright rainbow one and a more subtle gold/brown one. I pulled the yarn from stash already. Now I just need needles, project bag and the mojo to crank these out before PB’s arrival, lol! Wish me luck!

Happy Knitting!!

5 thoughts on “The Best Laid Plans

  1. Good luck getting a tutu or two done! The whole idea of you having anything done prior to baby girl’s arrival is completely awesome. I think if you also get bonus projects done, on top of the “usual” day-to-day life things you have going on, you’re kicking some serious butt. 🙂

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