FO Friday: Dad’s Camo Socks

My second Christmas present for 2017 is done! Dad’s Camo Socks are officially a FO…

I’ve actually had them done for awhile, but I couldn’t coordinate a toddler free moment in the natural light of day with the husband to get some modeled shots. Even then I was only able to grab two snaps before the toddler required saving from some perilous adventure like trying to jump off the furniture like superman does. Even then the second shot includes blurry wiggly toes, lol.

For those with inquiring minds, these are a 72 stitch toe up vanilla sock with gusset heel. I used size 1.5 US needles and a single skein of Cascade Heritage Prints 150. This yarn is just such a great way to make socks for size 13 US feet. It’s basically sport weight so it goes very quickly and the 150 grams is the perfect size for these huge socks! I stopped in my LYS to grab another skein and I they were out….now I need to find where to source more

Happy Knitting!

Just A Wee Bit

My Dad’s Camo Socks have surged forward. I made a concerted effort to focus on them since finishing the first sock last Friday. I felt a bit under the weather over the weekend so I got some extra knitting time. 

I have just a wee bit of yarn left! This yarn is a sport weight and goes crazy fast (when I actually knit on it). I have two stripes left and the bind off. Fingers crossed I can make it!

Happy Knitting!!

WIP Wednesday: Dad’s Camo Socks

The Camo Socks are moving along nicely! 

The heel is turned and I’ve started the ribbed leg. I took one small detour to knit some of this yarn into my scrap blanket before I ran out. I definitely wanted this yarn in my memory!

Now I’m just in the tedious portion of knitting and weighing my skein so I know when I get close to halfway and to cast off. I want to make sure I have enough for sock number two!

Happy Knitting!!

And So Goes The Heel

My newest Camo sock has a heel!

I wasn’t fussy about the striping sequence in the gusset heel. I was in a webinar training for a couple hours this weeks and managed the entire heel turn! I just can’t get over how ginormous this sock is..

I also put a new tool to use during my heel turn!

I used a row counter tool to keep track of my total stitch count across the heel so I wouldn’t have to keep re counting. It was so simple yet so awesome! Kinda kicking myself for not figuring it out sooner…

Happy Knitting!!

FO Friday: Camo Vanilla Socks

The Camo Vanilla socks are done done done!! A nice way to kick off a very rainy morning.

Pattern: 72 stitch toe up vanilla sock with gusset heel

Yarn: Cascade Heritage Prints

Needles: US2 9 inch circa

The joy of the FO and another Christmas project was slightly dampened by the fact that they are not exactly the same. Close enough that only I will notice that the second sock is a stitch or two smaller than the first. Le sigh….

On to my next pair!!

WIP Wednesday: Camo Vanilla Socks

My Camo Vanilla socks got some unexpected love this past weekend. We had a last minute babysitter and the husband and I snuck off to a movie at the $2 theater. The movie was terrible but I got 2+ hours of knitting!
I’m an inch away from startingthe heel  gusset. Fingers crossed I can get these done in June for the Down Cellar Studio’s 12 months to Christmas KAL!

I also got a little knitting snuck in on Fathers Day as I watched my almost two year old try to cope with the physics of a spinning sprinkler 😃

Happy Knitting!

Cast On: Camo Vanilla Socks

Winter is coming…..just kidding. But Christmas is only getting closer and closer. I need another pair of socks for my Dad for his stocking. I had snagged some more Cascade Heritage Prints from my LYS. This is a nice green/brown Camo print which suits my dad perfectly.

This is a nice thick fingering yarn that I’m working on US 2s. True to my sock knitting form this is another toe up vanilla sock. I’m letting the print of the yarn do the hard work. It makes the sock literally fly. I LOVE THAT! 
This is more “zen” knitting for me!

Happy Knitting!

FO Friday: A Camo Tutu

I whipped up a real quick FO this week. One of my FAVORITE baby patterns and go-to shower presents is the Knit Tutu from Smashlee Stitches.

This is Red Heart sashay yarn in Conga and a teensy bit of leftover Knit Picks Swish Worsted for the waist band. Topped it all off with a bit of remnant gold ribbon. I finished this up in a day and all my details are here. I’ve literally  made over a dozen of these and highly recommend the pattern as it’s very easy to follow.

Now I’m off to get this in the mail and winging on the way to the new momma to be! They are HUGE outdoors people and I figure the little princess they are adding to the family deserves her own tutu….in camo of course!

Happy Knitting!!