Practical Crochet

I only did a little bit of gift crafting this past December and it was mostly crochet. I had picked some Red Heart Scrubby up on sale from Joanns for some kitchen cloths. I was pretty happy with what came out!

No plan, no pattern I just chained a whole bunch and worked the cloth in half double crochet. I crocheted until I used half the skein of yarn and cast of. Then I would make a matching one with the last half of the skein.

I gifted these to my coworkers as a little post Christmas pick me up. It felt good to share a little cheer with people I see everyday!

Happy Crochet!!

FO Friday: A Camo Tutu

I whipped up a real quick FO this week. One of my FAVORITE baby patterns and go-to shower presents is the Knit Tutu from Smashlee Stitches.

This is Red Heart sashay yarn in Conga and a teensy bit of leftover Knit Picks Swish Worsted for the waist band. Topped it all off with a bit of remnant gold ribbon. I finished this up in a day and all my details are here. I’ve literally  made over a dozen of these and highly recommend the pattern as it’s very easy to follow.

Now I’m off to get this in the mail and winging on the way to the new momma to be! They are HUGE outdoors people and I figure the little princess they are adding to the family deserves her own tutu….in camo of course!

Happy Knitting!!

A Tip on Tuesday

I am a big fan of the latest craze of ruffle yarn. I’ve tried everything from Red heart, Starbella, Berroco, and all kinds of other brands. I found them each to have their strengths and weaknesses. But they all had one thing in common….a twist as you pulled the yarn from the center or unraveled from the outside.

After a 50 or so scarves and really cool recent test knit I can’t tell you about yet I think I’ve found a process to deal with it.

Start with center wound ball.


Unwind using center pull end while opening and flattening the yarn to take out the twist. Once flat begin to wind into a ball.


This tape style winding takes most of the twist out of the yarn and your are left with smooth ball with flat yarn.


I find that I have to “fix” or untwist the yarn A LOT less while actually knitting. It does take some extra time at the beginning but is much less tedious during the knitting process.

Hope this tidbit helps! Happy Tuesday!!