Springtime Tutu

Let me tantalize you with this pretty spring tutu before I tell you I’m a bad knitter

 This tutu was supposed to be completed before Valentines Day for a beautiful little girl who turned one. I had a bit of knitting ennui and just couldn’t bring myself to start this project. It’s now almost April and I have poked myself in the rear with some DPNs and got started. I’m ridiculous because these tutus take no time at all. The pattern is great and I highly recommend it.
 I’ve got the package all wrapped ready to deliver. I did make the biggest size in the pattern so maybe the sweet little girl can get the most wear out of it possible. Or at the very least use it for dolly dress up as she grows.

Happy Knitting!

FO Friday: Another Tutu

Tis baby season in these parts! I have three baby showers coming up. And lest I get caught with my circulars around my ankles, I started early. As part of my cast on storm this week I started a tutu (pattern by Smashlee Stitches)

These are so smart looking and easy to make. Totally my go to baby girl gift. (And a great stash buster for all the ruffle yarn I stashed when the scarves were all the rage, lol.)

TGIF and Happy Knitting!

A Princess Turns 1!!

FO Friday!

I interrupt your regularly scheduled programming to bring you a super adorable FO…


A very special little princess turns one year old on October 31. Her momma asked for a sparkly K-state purple tutu to complete her fairy costume for her birthday.


I was only too happy to oblige! It does a knitters heart good to see their knitted bits go to good homes. Happy Friday to all!!

Two At A Time

I need to make a boat load of scarves and tutus for fall craft fairs. I normally work one scarf at time and I can whip through them pretty quickly. But in the interest of time and mass production I decided to try two a time! So I picked up my US 8 circs and cast on two ruffle scarves.


So far so good. And both scarves are growing appreciably. It is a bit fiddly to keep the two yarns from wrapping around each other as I turn my work. But I can work the same pattern of decreases and increases on both scarves at once. Thus creating uniform output for sales purposes!


I’m currently out of project bags….so Ziplock will have to do, lol. At least when the yarn gets tangled I can pop it out of the bag and untangled the whole mess. Hopefully I can crank out several of these bad boys in the next few weeks.

Happy Knitting!

FO Friday: Patriotic Tutus!

I am blessed to have many friends who let me lavish their children with hand knit love. One of my husband and I’s favorite couples recently found out that their second baby is going to be a girl. And I just couldn’t resist matching tutus!!! I found the most adorable red, white, and blue ruffle yarn from Premier…

First up a 0-3 months size….



And then a matching 2-3 year old size…



Their mom is going to flip when she sees these!!! I hope she will snap some photos of the pair so that I can share with you guys. Of course I will have to wait until baby #2 actually gets here, lol. Well I’m off to put these and a couple more secret presents (can’t share those because the recipients read this blog) in the mail.

I gotta hustle too because my parents, sister, and aunt are visiting for weekend and we have a Kansas City Royals game to get to!! (Don’t worry, I packed a knitting project so I can stitch while they pitch!!!)


FO Friday: More Tutus!

Seriously I can’t stop making these tutus….they are like Pringles, you can’t have just one!! At this rate I’m going to run out of friends with little girls and be the crazy lady giving them away on the corner!!!

(This is my fav mostly because I’m in love with this baby and she’s not even 3 months old yet!)

Another awesome one in tan and gold!

How about punk princess in dark pink and black?

This is destined for a wee KState fan!

These are perfect instant gratification projects that keep me sane while I work on my larger Stashbustin’ projects. The pattern author even quipped that I have made more than she has….I may have a problem, lol!

Oh well, the hubs and I are off to the homeland for a friends wedding. Hope to snag some awesome photos to share next week 🙂 TGIF!

FO Friday: Knit Tutu

I was so excited to be a part of Smashlee Stitches test knit of her newest pattern, Knit Tutu!! And now I can finally share the adorableness of this pattern. Seriously, I can’t stop making these!



image_medium2 (1)


The pattern is easy and very straightforward. It also has great instructions for those who aren’t used to working with ruffle yarn. The pattern is sized from newborn to 1-2 years. All you need is a little bit of worsted weight yarn, 1-2 balls of ruffle yarn (depending on your size), and a length of ribbon or I-cord for a belt. I can make one of these from start to finish during a single movie or a couple of episodes of my favorite TV show.

I got Baby B to model one more my first tutus!



She especially like the ribbon belt feature. It was yummy!



If you are interested in this pattern you can find it on Etsy or find it on Ravelry. This is great pattern for newborn pics and would make a quick easy baby shower gift!! It will definitely be a staple in my gift knitting!

TGIF!! I hope you all have a great and relaxing Father’s Day weekend. I’m off to visit my hometown and dog sit for my parent’s three pooches. Even though I’m approaching 30…it still creeps me out to be in my parents house alone sometimes. I think I’m going to take Dex and Chloe to protect me, lol.

See you on the other side!!

A Tip on Tuesday

I am a big fan of the latest craze of ruffle yarn. I’ve tried everything from Red heart, Starbella, Berroco, and all kinds of other brands. I found them each to have their strengths and weaknesses. But they all had one thing in common….a twist as you pulled the yarn from the center or unraveled from the outside.

After a 50 or so scarves and really cool recent test knit I can’t tell you about yet I think I’ve found a process to deal with it.

Start with center wound ball.


Unwind using center pull end while opening and flattening the yarn to take out the twist. Once flat begin to wind into a ball.


This tape style winding takes most of the twist out of the yarn and your are left with smooth ball with flat yarn.


I find that I have to “fix” or untwist the yarn A LOT less while actually knitting. It does take some extra time at the beginning but is much less tedious during the knitting process.

Hope this tidbit helps! Happy Tuesday!!

A Whole Lot of Scarves

I spent the major part of the weekend photographing and updating my Etsy shop. My shop ebbs and flows with my life. I hadn’t really listed a lot lately as I have been Christmas and gift knitting for the past couple of months. As part of my 2013 destashing project I dug through my FO stash for things to list to earn a little cash. I found a treasure trove of ruffle scarves from my fall craft fairs. Here are a few of the images I captured.

_MG_0454 _MG_0456 _MG_0468 _MG_0433_MG_0444 _MG_0471


Above are just a few of what I had in stock. I listed every single last one of them on my Etsy shop! As a sign of appreciation to my blog followers I am offering a special coupon in my shop. Use the code “sparkle1” for 15% off any order in my Etsy shop until Feb 15th! Tell your friends and spread the word, I need to destash!

Who doesn’t need a scarf to add a little sparkle to their lives (and support a knitter who needs to feed her yarn habit)!?

Happy Knitting!

On the Subject of Trying New Yarn

Despite my recent destashing efforts….I still bought new yarn. I can’t help it! I had never seen or worked with it before AND it was on sale!!

I picked up some Boutique Rigoletto Sequins by Red Heart online from Knitting Wharehouse in red, black, white, and cream.


The yarn comes in 10 yd hanks and includes a pattern for Evening Sparkle Scarf. I have to admit even this seasoned knitter had to YouTube how to work with this mohair like tube if yarn. After some basic instruction it was ridiculously easy and EXTREMELY FAST. I knit up all four hanks in two hours total.

The yarn is a bit fiddly and like a boucle or mohair it’s very good about sticking to itself. Not a yarn for ripping back errors! But when the pattern calls for CO 2 sts and then knit every st until you run out of yarn…..it’s not very likely you will have to.

I was a little disappointed that it didn’t make a longer scarf. I like length so I can wrap and contort the same scarf 100 different ways so I never get bored. Also, I knit the same pattern four times with the same gauge and all four scarves turned out differently!

Rav link here.

Rav link here.

Rav link here.

Rav link here.

This yarn would be excellent for knitters who need instant gratification, a quick last minute gift, or even someone who is just learning. For me? Not so much, I enjoyed playing with a new yarn but its not a knit I’m likely to do again. Ill stick to my Boutique Sashay or Starbella Flash for scarves.

Happy Knitting and TGIF!