WIP Minders Find

So Jellybean had his first incident with pointy knitting sticks. Don’t worry no one was actually harmed in the process. But Jellybean got a nice poke and my needles are a little less straight then they used to be. This prompted a late night Etsy session. I found a wonderful shop called Sunshine Lily Crafts.

And I picked up two WIP minders/needle cozies. One larger one and one shorter one to accommodate my 8 inch and 6 inch DPNs. Here’s hoping I can prevent painful poking in the future when Jellybean is flying around like a superhero or Tasmanian devil. Or you know….when I accidentally sit on my project whilst flopping onto the couch….

Note: This shop had excellent customer service and was very responsive. I couldn’t have asked for a better shop experience. Not to mention the product is very well sewn and shipped incredibly fast! I would definitely buy from her again!

Happy Knitting!!

You Get What You Pay For

Many moons ago I hoped on Etsy in search of a plain Jane sock blocker made is wood. My Father-in-Law is interested in trying his hand at some but wanted to wrap his brain around the basic proportions and concept. I don’t own any wooden ones so I found a deal on Etsy and got my order off and going.

Turns out the shop was in China so shipping took awhile. But after a month I still had no package so I contacted the shop. Who by the way, was fantastic about communication. They found my shipment had gotten lost in customs and they quickly sent me a replacement with a different carrier that had tracking. Soon my package was at my door. Well dears….never shop on Etsy when sleep deprived and nauseated because I got exactly what I ordered but no what I wanted…

One set of adult blockers and 10 sets of child’s size blockers that I will never use because I don’t knit socks for Jellybean or anyone else small. That will learn me to pay better attention while gettin sucked down the Etsy rabbit hole, lol.

The big ones are fine and will suit my FIL just fine.

And as for the little ones….I think Jellybean and I might turn them into Christmas ornaments in the spirit of lemons into lemonade.

Stay tuned…

Happy Knitting!!

Nursery Additions

While I consider myself very crafty…I’m not very artistic. Like not at all, lol. I knew what kind of nursery I wanted. Lots of warm browns, greens, and yellows. I just love those colors together and we don’t know what Jellybean is (boy/girl) I thought that would make a warm and inviting nursery.

So far we have picked furniture with either dark black/brown or cherry finish. Not everything is matchy/matchy. And I love the “home” feel of it so far. Everything coordinates but isn’t all the same either. The walls were already a nice warm tan color so bonus of no painting!! (I most definitely hate painting, lol). My momma aka Grandma is making coordinating curtains and bassinet layette from fabric we picked out. All that left me was the wall decor.

So to Etsy I went and what a deep rabbit hole I found! I don’t really have a traditional theme in mind like monkeys/owls/etc. I just wanted a mix of photos, fabrics, and art pieces that represent the hubby and I and what we want for Jellybean. After much deliberation…..I found my wall art. And I’m now sharing with you!

First up, a homage to my husband’s love of music…and second a little love shout out to Jellybean….


Music Scale Vinyl Decal


I Love You To the Moon and Back


Metal Music Wall Art


Metal Play Wall Art


Metal Sing Wall Art

Now I am anxiously tracking and awaiting the arrival of these packages!! Then hopefully with the help of the hubby I can get them hung and share some nursery FO photos with you guys!!

I’m curious. Did you choose a specific theme for your nurseries or did you just go with the flow?

A Whole Lot of Scarves

I spent the major part of the weekend photographing and updating my Etsy shop. My shop ebbs and flows with my life. I hadn’t really listed a lot lately as I have been Christmas and gift knitting for the past couple of months. As part of my 2013 destashing project I dug through my FO stash for things to list to earn a little cash. I found a treasure trove of ruffle scarves from my fall craft fairs. Here are a few of the images I captured.

_MG_0454 _MG_0456 _MG_0468 _MG_0433_MG_0444 _MG_0471


Above are just a few of what I had in stock. I listed every single last one of them on my Etsy shop! As a sign of appreciation to my blog followers I am offering a special coupon in my shop. Use the code “sparkle1” for 15% off any order in my Etsy shop until Feb 15th! Tell your friends and spread the word, I need to destash!

Who doesn’t need a scarf to add a little sparkle to their lives (and support a knitter who needs to feed her yarn habit)!?

Happy Knitting!