Bread Machine Fail

I grew in a strongly Norwegian and Swedish influenced family. One of my fondest memories was Swedish Rye bread straight out of my Grandpa’s oven slathered in butter. My family makes dark brown loaf flavored with molasses and textured with medium ground rye flour. We omit the caraway seeds and other ingredients some people put in other rye breads.

Well, PB likes when I eat bread so I have been cranking loaves of Swedish Rye out of my bread machine for toast and sandwiches to keep said fetus happy. Jellybean has affectionately nicknamed it “mommy toast” and now requests that for breakfast four or five time a week. Well this latest loaf…..complete flop….literally….

Me thinks that pregnancy brain either mis-measured the yeast and put too much in….or I forgot to the put the salt in to keep the yeast in check. I sliced this loaf and it was dense and awful. Thank goodness for do-overs!


You Get What You Pay For

Many moons ago I hoped on Etsy in search of a plain Jane sock blocker made is wood. My Father-in-Law is interested in trying his hand at some but wanted to wrap his brain around the basic proportions and concept. I don’t own any wooden ones so I found a deal on Etsy and got my order off and going.

Turns out the shop was in China so shipping took awhile. But after a month I still had no package so I contacted the shop. Who by the way, was fantastic about communication. They found my shipment had gotten lost in customs and they quickly sent me a replacement with a different carrier that had tracking. Soon my package was at my door. Well dears….never shop on Etsy when sleep deprived and nauseated because I got exactly what I ordered but no what I wanted…

One set of adult blockers and 10 sets of child’s size blockers that I will never use because I don’t knit socks for Jellybean or anyone else small. That will learn me to pay better attention while gettin sucked down the Etsy rabbit hole, lol.

The big ones are fine and will suit my FIL just fine.

And as for the little ones….I think Jellybean and I might turn them into Christmas ornaments in the spirit of lemons into lemonade.

Stay tuned…

Happy Knitting!!

Epic Fail

I had the most epic fail since becoming a mother. The hubby and I planned a last minute trip to see his family. So not a lot of time to pack that left us scrambling the morning we planned to leave. But we were only going to be gone 24 hours so we didn’t need much. Or so we thought…

We packed one bag of clothes, the toiletry bag, diaper bag, and my pump. I was nursing jellybean while the hubs packed the car. In the last second we tossed in my boppy, some hoodies, and my purse/knitting. And on down the road we went. We arrived safely three hours down the road only to find we left the bag of clothes on our bed (that also had the extra diapers). This meant no clothes for me, the hubs, or jellybean other than what was on our backs. Epic fail! We made a run to Walmart for jammies and an extra set of clothes for everyone (and diapers). Disaster averted.

But at least I didn’t forget my knitting!