Bread Machine Fail

I grew in a strongly Norwegian and Swedish influenced family. One of my fondest memories was Swedish Rye bread straight out of my Grandpa’s oven slathered in butter. My family makes dark brown loaf flavored with molasses and textured with medium ground rye flour. We omit the caraway seeds and other ingredients some people put in other rye breads.

Well, PB likes when I eat bread so I have been cranking loaves of Swedish Rye out of my bread machine for toast and sandwiches to keep said fetus happy. Jellybean has affectionately nicknamed it “mommy toast” and now requests that for breakfast four or five time a week. Well this latest loaf…..complete flop….literally….

Me thinks that pregnancy brain either mis-measured the yeast and put too much in….or I forgot to the put the salt in to keep the yeast in check. I sliced this loaf and it was dense and awful. Thank goodness for do-overs!


4 thoughts on “Bread Machine Fail

  1. bummer! I stopped letting my bread machine do everything. I let it make the dough, but I bake it in the oven. Seems to come out better. But however it comes out, I am glad it does make you feel better!

  2. Oh no! Whenever I mess up a bread recipe (not so much anymore… I don’t eat gluten :P) I would take it to the park to feed birds/ducks. Then I learned that’s really bad for them, so I’ve spent years regretting my ignorant youth. 😦

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