WIP Minders Find

So Jellybean had his first incident with pointy knitting sticks. Don’t worry no one was actually harmed in the process. But Jellybean got a nice poke and my needles are a little less straight then they used to be. This prompted a late night Etsy session. I found a wonderful shop called Sunshine Lily Crafts.

And I picked up two WIP minders/needle cozies. One larger one and one shorter one to accommodate my 8 inch and 6 inch DPNs. Here’s hoping I can prevent painful poking in the future when Jellybean is flying around like a superhero or Tasmanian devil. Or you know….when I accidentally sit on my project whilst flopping onto the couch….

Note: This shop had excellent customer service and was very responsive. I couldn’t have asked for a better shop experience. Not to mention the product is very well sewn and shipped incredibly fast! I would definitely buy from her again!

Happy Knitting!!

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