A Pair of Tutus

While not so patiently waiting for my baby sweater yarn to arrive I decided to crank out another wish list baby item.  I managed to make two tutus for PB!

The top soft pink and purple tutu is the standard newborn size from the Lexi’s Knitted Tutu pattern. It’s a good size but I wanted something for my hospital bag and photos so I made a “modified newborn” in the circus/rainbow colors that took the stitch count down a bit. I’m really pleased with both! The bottom rainbow one will fit for like three seconds but that’s all I really need it for anyway, lol.

And it was super satisfying to scratch something off my pre-baby to do list. We didn’t find out Jellybean’s gender so I didn’t have any cute knits tucked into my hospital bag. Not that it mattered one way or the other at the time. But this time it feels right and special. I’m one happy momma to be!

Happy Knitting!!

Tuesday Pick Me Up

My special delivery from last Friday arrived at it’s destination this week….



Not exactly the use I had envisioned, but I guess a red/white/blue tutu can be an effective toupee, lol. And it definitely made this knitter’s heart swell to see someone enjoying my handiwork.  Just the pick me up I needed.  Albeit a strange one….

Only 3 months until Baby #2 arrives for the bald guy on the right and we can get a pic of the babies in the tutus, stay tuned!!!