A Cast On Storm

It’s almost July and summer is in full swing. But I can’t help but think towards fall. I really want jellybean to have some hand knits. I have the itch for a couple of hats and at least one sweater. I also have at least two baby showers coming up. This has led to a bout of start-itis this past weekend. 

I cast on a Knit Tutu from Smashlee. It’s a pink number for a baby girl due I’m September.

Next up is a Dino Cap by Kris Hanson jellybean. I’m knitting the two year old size in some Caron Simply Soft from my stash in hunter green and chocolate brown. I’ve already messed up the pattern but I’m soldiering on.


Last up is Double Rib Toddler hat by Torunn Espe. I pulled some Berroco Comfort DK Solids from my stash in blue and minty blue-ish?

Now I have more projects than I have hands and time. So this should end well, lol!

Happy Knitting!

6 thoughts on “A Cast On Storm

  1. I am trying not to start anything new but my daughter wants me to know for my grandbabies and you know what this grandma is going to do….as my hubby said, I am armed with knitting needs of mass destruction

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