Onward Second Socks

The chaos of a 9 month old Jellybean who is teething combined with changing jobs has left me with very little knitting bandwidth. Hence my crazy vanilla sock mojo. I’ve managed to cast off the first sock of a couple pair of WIP socks!

Vanilla Maple socks

Checkerboard Socks 


I kind of tired of both of them and cast off before using up all the yarn as I usually do. They have 5-6 inch legs instead of 7-8 that I can usually get out of my skeins. But they still fit and are perfectly functional socks.

I made sure to cast on both second socks so as not to fall victim to SSS (second sock syndrome). I’m already done with the toe of the checkerboard socks but still working on the increases on the vanilla maples. I’m ready for these to be done and move on to other smooshy yarn!

Happy Knitting


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