Hey Look….A Squirrel!!

This is an actual conversation in the car with my husband this morning:

Hubby: You are like a squirrel stashing nuts.

Me: (looks up from my knitting) Huh?

Hubby: You have knitting stashed everywhere.

Me: No, not really. Just on my nightstand, in the car, in my desk at work, in the living room…..oh….

Hubby: (Devilish smile)

To be fair he is not bothered by this but rather amused. I’m just doing my best to take advantage of what little knitting time I have these days. I wonder if squirrels can knit with their tiny hands? But I digress, lol. I’m quite happy with my stashes of UFOs. It’s nice to sneak a stitch in here and there!

Happy Knitting!

8 thoughts on “Hey Look….A Squirrel!!

  1. Lol, this is what The Spouse fears 😀 We’ve agreed to three projects at a time – one for my bag, another for the night stand and another in the living room but since someone wants a hat, perhaps said person will cave and I’ll get four… (For the record, we only have a 400 sq foot apartment , hence the limit.)

  2. I have to admit….my boyfriend is surprised I don’t have more knitting projects laying about…one pair of socks at his place, a quilted bookwrap(I just finished it) in my bookbag, a quilt top in a tote in his chair as well, and I forget to remind him of the cute hat I’m trying to learn to crochet on my work in progress shelf…then there’s the second skein of pink yarn waiting for the sock needles to be freed…. Thankfully, one of his favorite words is “Squirrel!” from that movie, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs.”

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  4. I hoard my projects in baskets and bags. I bought a whole new basket recently for stashing big blanket projects in! 🙂

  5. I wish I could be less OCD and leave knitting stashed around. Instead,I have several projects stashed in one area and I grab them and transport them to wherever I’m going. I also cannot leave my projects lying around. If I stop knitting, I put the project in its storage unit, even if I’m stopping for a few minutes. Ask your husband if that would drive him crazy. (Drives mine up the wall, especially combined with my other manias.)

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